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Hi Namibia, I like your curves, you sexy thing!
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Think about all the beauty you would not have seen if you had allowed yourself to stop fighting. If you had allowed yourself to give up. Keep believing. #neverstopfighting Excerpt from some recent thoughts while in Namibia.
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If you’re having a hard time hearing the whispers of hope, go for a walk in a place that feels like infinity.
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How often do you walk without a purpose? Without a destination in mind. Switching off the endless chatter. How often do you allow yourself to get lost? Wander off the trail. Open up your soul to mystery. And losing sense of time. How often do you #takearealwalk
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Namib. The open space. The oldest desert in the world. A never-ending flow of changing patterns and evolving textures. 55 million years in the making. A place that puts things in perspective. There were they belong.
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Disneyland for photographers.🎢 I think that’s the best way to put it.
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If this is what you can see in real life, imagine what you can dream about.
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The lone wanderer. Life in solitary existence. Nomadic. Unsheltered. Exposed to the elements. A non-stop quest for water. Day-in. Day-out. Only leaving footprints behind. Instantly swept away by the wind. The life of an oryx.
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A little sparkle of life in one of the deadest places on earth.
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Another friendly reminder that the best art you’ll ever see, will not be in a museum. Shot from a doors-off helicopter flying over the Namib Desert last week.
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Being a photographer, harsh mid-day light has never been one of my favorites. This place however is definitely an exception to that. Such a surreal landscape, at any time of the day. Check out my stories if you wanna see how this place looks covered in thick layers of morning mist.
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You may have noticed, I’ve been running around the Namib Desert for a few days. Really no words can describe this place, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
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