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@brentfitz me & @danielspree soundcheck/band meeting. i actually LOVE candid shots of my back taken by @lotagu (not sarcastic)
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L-R @radialeng Twin City @way.huge.electronics Saucy Box @laacustom FJOD #BOSS.
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@friedman_amplifiers @suprousa on all the time with the JCM800 added in for leads. SWEET!
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@lotagu trying out Meteor Crash in Calgary. HAPPY GIG DAY!!!
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whoa. that’s lookin’ COLD, yo.
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always working on new techniques.
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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to my scrumptious dillyumptious wifeypoo @xmans_chick . everybody have a happy & safe word valentine’s day.
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reflection in a giant knob.
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nice to cook up some ROCK at home. HAPPY MONDAY, INSTAPEEPS!
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i haven’t seen my chin in 20-something years. hello chin, don’t get used to the exposure. i’m undecided. & my greek 1:00 shadow is already kicking in.
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sunday morning working on a tune in the kitchen, put guitar on island to go take a whiz, come back in the kitchen & go “wow! that’s a great looking guit.” @framuswarwickofficial custom XG with PX90 & big knobs.
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40 years ago today. 2 words: life changing.
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another cool shot from @ultimatejamnight NAMM night by @ricardoh_photography
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upcoming “Way Gone (Beam Me Up, Scotty)” by THE DRILLS set to the waving happy cat at the Pho check out. me, @danielspree & @kennyaronoff rocked this out at #atriumstudios dec 2015 with @iamsmileysean driving
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something new & cool on my chain.
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for the curious ones asking where in italy i played with @stewart_copeland in 2006
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#LeoScalaDesigns replacement tailpiece for more resonance, sweeter highs & better lower string tension for Drop D/C#. Leo makes incredible guitars so when he showed this to me, i couldn’t wait to try it. @scalaguitars fiesta red @framuswarwickofficial XG with an PX SUPER90 & black pickguard.
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2007? have recorded with @jondette & did a little tour of italy with @stewart_copeland . sometimes i can’t even believe the list of drummers i’ve been super fortunate to make music with.
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a “remember way back at namm (1 week 3 days ago)” moment. @rexbrownofficial have jammed from Nashville to Germany. 1 cool brother in RAWK!
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where the backstage scene is almost as awesome as the on stage scene. #robertdeleo @stevestevens another @bernardfowlersings shot
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@bernardfowlersings takes the BEST black & white shots. this is me turning 52 in less than a month & STILL have moments when i think, “is this really happening??”
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#robertdeleo @danielspree & me. what a night @adoptthearts was. & the deleo brothers are 2 of the coolest mofos EVER!! super talented, funny as fuck & all round great hangs.
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@rob_chappers haven’t seen this in almost 5 years. we used to talk guits, amps & pedals. now we talk about how awesome daddyhood is.
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namm catch up. THIS GUY!!! awesome dude, incredible bass player. #stuhammbass
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