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Monday’s got me feeling a lil slothee, and in need of a coffee. Check out @central.23 for more cool products like this!
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Mood at school and the rare cold weather?? (p.s. sound on for some funky tunes)
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Last one before school starts again tomorrow (sheds tears) so please forgive me for infrequent posts as I’m going to be pretty busy!!
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Swipe left for some wobbly action
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Merry Christmas! I actually started my latte art journey exactly a year ago, creating a 2D snowman to celebrate the holiday. So today marks the anniversary of a truly life changing hobby. I’ve been extremely fortunate to be given many opportunities this year to push myself and take this hobby a step further. I’m really thankful for what this journey has taught me but more importantly, I am appreciative of the immense support from various groups of people. Firstly - my family. They really have been the main pillars of support: trying to understand this niche hobby of mine and doing whatever they can to help me along the way. Secondly - my friends who’ve encouraged in a different ways or even came down to support my events. It really means a lot to me. Thirdly - all the people I’ve had the honour of working with. Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase my hobby through different platforms, I’ve had really good and valuable experiences! Lastly - all 33.8k of you! Thank you for giving this 17-year-old affirmation that she has a unique skill that she is pretty good at hehe. Hope everyone has a good Christmas, and happy holidays!🎅🏼🎄
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Merry Christmas Eve
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To herald the year of the dog, @skjewellery has launched an exclusive #skjewelleryxpeanuts collection! Really honoured to be part of the launch of this collaboration a week ago by demo-ing 3D snoopy latte art! You can head down to Vivocity Central Court A from now till 2 January 2018 to view the full collection!
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When your friend’s nickname is yoshi and it’s her birthday🎉
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Really strange lighting this morning, my apologies
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When your inspiration comes from a friend’s random snapchat (check out my story for the image I was trying to recreate)
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hmmm questionable animals part 2 - koala or an elephant without its trunk❓
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