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A you ready to work? Are you ready to sweat? Are you ready to transform? Booty bumping this Saturday November 25 @ 11 am. Its no joke. Be prepared to feel the burn🔥 •Limited spots available• Location: 158 Anderson Avenue DM me to reserve !
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@noralaurabeauty 💋💋💋 SO talented. Thank you🙊
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Happy Saturday🌧! 10 lateral steps, straight into 10 squat jumps, 10 lateral steps back & 10-16 scissor jumps!
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Try this superset your next glute day! Ankle weight cable straight leg kick backs + banded straight leg kick backs
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Banded sumo deadlifts x banded sumo barbell squat
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Staring into the week like...👀 📸: @sevillacreative
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SATURDAY November 11!!Come join @Paulyyfitness booty camp!! This class is a booty buster that is geared to shape your rear. Target your entire body with routines that will leave you wanting more. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. •Do it for the booty• Photographer: @sevillacreative 📸 🍑💪🏻
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Try this superset your next leg/glute day 💋 Remember slow and steady wins the race🐢. Create tension in your glutes the entire time for the rainbow kicks. As for the second exercise, when you kick out *squeeze your glutes!!*
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50 reps of each ab exercise & 40 second planks in between each one. Yes it feels like death.
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Today's booty day🍭
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After all the sushi I ate today, I figured I can do a cardio based workout 💦. Ending with an ab circuit I'll tape for you guys another time 👀
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The resistance !!!💪🏻💦
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