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BOOTY CAMP!! Sat.Feb.17 @ 11:00 am☺️ Come for a kick ass workout💪🏻 Doing another giveaway, you gotta be there to enter DM me to reserve ! Location: 158 Anderson Avenue
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Happy lovers day 💕🙊
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What a stud 😍
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Add these 3 exercises your next glute day 🤗
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Boooty boooty Friday’s 🍑 That post booty pump is everything 😩➡️
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Some exercises from today’s back dayyy 😬
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My arms are jello ...thanks @dillondelacruz 👊🏻 Part of our arm/back day
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Booty feeling all kinds of great after this exercise 😉 Started my workout with this exercise to activate my glutes. PS got fixed up by @dillondelacruz. Holla at him, he's a registered massage therapist, specializing in sport injuries 👊🏻
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BOOTY CAMP give away!! Sat.Feb.10 @ 11:00 am! Come join the ultimate kick ass class😼. There will be a give away in class for @infinityspa.gta $50 gift card😉 Dm me to reserve, limited spots. Location: 158 Anderson Avenue
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3 different exercises I was able to do without stressing out my ankle this morning! 1- Sumo dead lift 2- Banded Romanian dead lift 3- Cable banded sumo squat
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Good to see some fresh faces in today's Booty Camp 💕💕 You all did SO good !
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Ways to workout your glutes... even with a sprained ankle 😌
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I'm so excited about my progress, it may not be much to some people... but for someone who once had no booty 😬 Boooooooty Camp is happening this Saturday Feb. 3rd @ 11 am! Come work your butts off with me (literally) 🙆🏻!! Dm me to reserve, xoxo Location: 158 Anderson Avenue
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Parisa's True Story. Overcoming bullying at school through P4P Martial Arts programs. She is part of a P4P Family where is supported by teachers, families and friends to become a champion and nurture her love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai. If you or you're child is experiencing bullying or a low sense of self you are not alone.
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This mornings full body circuit 💪🏻 4 rounds, 1 min each !
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Push it babay babaaaaay 😏
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Smith machine hip thrusts: 1- You don't have to try to balance the bar, making it less difficult 2-It allows no room for cheating, allowing all the focus on your glutes Tips: 1: Point your toes up, that way you can isolate more glutes & less quads 2: Squeeze at the top, hold and then release, to completely activate your glutes to its max! 💋🍑
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Add these two exercises to your next booty day! (Beginners without ankle weights)
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When squatting weights gets boring 🤷🏻‍♀️ #WSHHFitness
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Add these 4 ab exercises at the end of your next workout ! 3-4 sets, 1 min each! #WSHHFitness
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💥BOOTY CAMP💥 Saturday January 27th @ 11:00 am!! You want results? You want to be at this class. Sorry no, you *NEED* to be at this class. ⬆️ DM me to reserve, limited spots available. XoX 💕 Location : 158 Anderson Avenue #WSHHFitness
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Let's get physical 😜
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Be happyyyyyy🦋
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B O O T Y • C A M P
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