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Sharing an image from a summer trip two years ago in one of the famous national parks in the US of A. I had the place all to myself and made sure not leave any marks behind that would destroy the thriving floras. It was one of the best mornings I've had connecting with nature.
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Do you love panorama? Here’s one from Cinque Torri, Dolomites, Italy. Shot without those bulky panorama rails. Just leveled my tripod and used my good old’ tank-built @reallyrightstuff bh40 ball head. Loosened the panning screw, shot 6 vertical frames overlapping a third of the previous image and stitched them in post. #reallyrightstuffballhead #rrs
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A super cold, minus 32 degC Christmas morning at the Bow River, Banff National Park, Canada! 🇨🇦 Found this interesting triangle-shaped ice sheet pointing towards Castle Mountain.
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Where did you spend the holidays? I had a quick Christmas getaway in Vermilion lakes of Banff National Park! Happy New Year guys! #LightUpRRS
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To those who have been a part of my photography journey this year, thank you. 🙏🏼 You guys are awesome!! Wish you all the best this coming 2018! Happy New Year! Keep on rockin'! 👊🏼🤙🏼
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Ever been to Palouse Falls State Park?
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Here's a panorama of that epic light show in one of Iceland's must-visit place, the Stokksnes Peninsula. Had an awesome two week trip around the country early this year. Such a great place to be in and can't wait to be back!
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Surfing under a rainbow, anyone? 🏄🏼😉 This is Skagsanden Beach of Flakstad, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Famous for its unique sand patterns, waves and aurora. Here's something taken during mid-day! ☀️
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Have you ever stayed in a Rorbu? 🏕 "Rorbu is a Norwegian traditional type of seasonal house used by fishermen." ⚓️ This is @eliassenrorbuer, located in Hamnøy, a small fishing village in Moskenes, Norway. 🎣
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Had an awesome summer vacation going around The Canadian Rockies. First stop was Jasper National Park. Drove straight as soon as we landed Calgary. The Icefields Parkway scenic drive is soooo amazing!! 👌 We got to Jasper late in the afternoon. Had to unpack, settle down and rest as it was the kick-off of our two-week journey BUT I'm that guy who won't let a sunset opportunity just slip away. 😉 A quick scout for our next day sunrise turned into an epic one. 🌄😱Glad I brought my camera that evening! This is Pyramid Lake and the awesome Pyramid Mountain of Jasper National Park. Can't seem to find my comp in a single frame so I decided to do a "vertorama" instead. Have a great weekend guys! 🍻
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Waterfowl Lakes, located along the scenic route of Icefields Parkway, about an hour plus from Banff National Park. If you don’t fancy long drives, you can opt to stay in the Waterfowl Lakes Campground located just beside the lake itself. As you can see, the haze was at a crazy level. 😵 This was caused by an ongoing forest fire during our visit. 😔 A lesson that I learned from this trip is to shoot towards the sun when there’s haze. So, just before reaching the lake I saw the sun setting behind the tip of Mount Chephren which was obvious for a sun-star. 🤔 Immediately took out my camera from the backpack, attached it to the ball-head, screwed on the CPL, slid the GND, dialed in the settings (did all of that while I was walking down the trail🏃🏻), walked straight to the water, went for low angle, focused and just snapped away. Not bad for a quick shot right? LOL. 😝
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Would you want to live here? I would! This jaw-dropping view is called "The Saslonch, Sassolungo or Langkofel - the highest mountain of the Langkofel Group in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. The name translates to "long peak" / "long rock". Alpine meadows + autumn colors + massive mountains + sunset light = Epic. 😱
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