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What’s bigger?? The Mini Cooper or the Porsche??
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C/O Ronin_Driven. Clean EK with some dry Carbon PasswordJDM parts and I think also a turbo in there somewhere. #passwordjdm #pwjdm #drycarbon guys like Ronin who work hard on their cars is what makes the industry what it is.
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#CTR #pwjdm #passwordjdm #10thcivic dry carbon. For the new CTR and 10th civic. Have a great MLK day. Be eating some soul food tomorrow to celebrate.
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#Pwjdm #passwordjdm check out our next project. Project German Piru.
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Go make her holler!! The quickest way to make her scream... go Rock some PWJDM AS9100 quality Wheels... the RetroMesh!!! It doesn’t get any better than this! Our wheels are on point... now we tweaking the Customer Service to match our wheel quality.
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This is the closest thing I will ever get to a college degree!!! #pwjdm #passwordjdm #as9100 #as9100wheels
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What I keep in the closet... #ITR #pwjdm #passwordjdm
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For sale... ultra rare EK3 SIR front Nose Clip complete. SIR Headlamps, Frnt Bumper, and Fogs. All complete. $600.00. #passwordjdm
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The Wheel Deal!!! Always at PWJDM. Real Aerospace AS9100 Rocket making quality from PWJDM! You won’t find a better built set of wheels from anywhere else. Runouts as low as .001”. Because why? Because AS9100 Aerospace!! That’s why!!! When we’re not churning out rocket parts and things that go kaboom#%! and what not... we make ultra high precision car parts... precision built forged wheels!!! keep us grounded and sane. Besides... I can wow a rocket Part like I can a Bad Ass PWJDM engineered and built Car Part!!!
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We will get back to all of you as soon as we can. The storm has caused a temporary power outage.
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#pwjdm #passwordjdm #rainbows2k ... With how famous we are in the S2K crowd... I’m sure we have some rainbow loving customers... this ones for you guys!
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