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@sonjdradeluxe everywhere.. 💕 Makeup Artist ✌❤ Canadian 🍁 snapchat - sonjdradeluxe No DMs please- Business inquiries👑 YOUTUBER 🎥🎬⬇️latest video below!
Lastly... I'm looking down. Details in previous 2 posts Starting to edit this video now!
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@perfektly_in_place yes I have a few on my channel!
@sonjdradeluxe I guess I'm a little slow then lol! I must have passed them. I saw the "stacking eyelashes" video"and the "lashes and eyeshadow" videos. Is there a specific video you recommend I watch for this? I'm just having trouble with applying the glue to the actual lash, how long to wait, and how exactly to apply to make sure they are aligned properly and that the corners won't lift. Thanks so much for your help!
@lashbunnyboutique lashes stacked, @makeupforeverofficial no 1 matte lipstick with plexigloss on top, @gleam_melaniemills body radiance in rose gold, @sigmabeauty warm neutrals palette, @smithcosmetics Tutorial coming soon and more details in previous post!!
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@sonjdradeluxe you inspire me. So beautiful
I recorded a start to finish tutorial for this look, using @sigmabeauty warm neutrals pallet, @smithcosmetics, @makeupforeverofficial prosculpting duo and profusion bronze, @gleam_melaniemills body radiance in rose gold to blurr my skin which you can use the code Sonjdra for 20% off ill putt more details in the next post!
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U look stunning girl😄😄😄
@sonjdradeluxe What MAC bronzer are you using on this video? Am sorry you list all the products but I don't see the last MAC product you used on the video, PLEASEEE!!!!
Midnight @anastasiabeverlyhills liquid lipstick and @eyekandycosmetics cherry bomb glitter worn as eyeliner 😁 what is everyone being for Halloween... Cuz I'm trying to do it up this year with Halloween tutorials!
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Mermaid tutorial! Pleaseee
I used the @nyxcosmetics Beauty school drop out palette, the eyeshadow a and highlighter from the kit in the cute little book shaped packaging! And the simply nude lipstick in the colour honey... HUGE EXCITING NEWS! @nyxcanada Is opening its FIRST FREE STANDING STORE THIS OCTOBER!! I'm super excited for this... If your in Toronto... CHECK THE CONTEST BELOW! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Contest for those in Toronto: FIND #NYXintheSIX ! You must find the secret NYX store front in Downtown Toronto by looking for the #NYXintheSIX sign. SNAP a selfie or take a picture by it, follow @nyxcanada and hashtag #NYXintheSIX and you will be entered for a chance to win a ton of free makeup and a VIP treatment in store once it opens.
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I'm looking on Twitter and I can't find you! :( what hair brand do you use?
Add me on periscope @sonjdradeluxe I'm a newbie, will be going live tonight for my first time 😱💕
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Hello fellow Vancouverite! 💕
@jennisinzminaj_ the jewelry she has in her philtrum piercing...
When @nojusthenry Takes over your snapchat... Posted up with @msroshposh SO MUCH FUN WITH @nyxcanada !!! Can't wait for the @nyxcosmetics face awards tonight! Follow me on snap chat to see it all go down - Sonjdradeluxe #realhousewivesofcanadianrachetnism
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The LINE Hotel
@znariah @ibrendaly @southerncross24 check the description on my most recent photo! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!! 😘💕
@sonjdradeluxe i hope nyx will be offering Canadians the same variety as they offer in the USA.
Glasses by @sunglassspot.. I have been having fun with all kinds of glasses this summer from @sunglassspot
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@sonjdradeluxe Do you have an email address
Yesss @priscillaalexandria
Late night post...Went a lil greyish ... @meltcosmetics catsuit lipstick... By the way went to see #STRAIGHTOUTTA #straightouttacompton tonight, I really enjoyed it. Was singing and rapping along the whole time DEF would recommend... Saw magic mike a couple weeks ago really enjoyed that too.. was singing and WOOOOOOing the whole time... I think I might be THAT chick in audience. I used to drink in the theatre, (stopped because I couldn't remember the movies I was watching and because I don't drink much anymore) and thought it was because of that.. But turns out I'm just vocal when I'm enjoying myself in general. I like to enjoy myself.
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Nightmoth lip liner with @meltcosmetics catsuit lipstick
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JUST RELEASED a #backtoschool drugstore, natural makeup tutorial for BEGINNERS! This is for all of the beauties out there new to makeup who want a fresh look for back to school! I did this video on my little sister @arcticmaya she's hilarious and I had so much fun making this video.. Link in Bio
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Me the throughout the whole video "oh she's so pretty" Yall are so pretty! Loved the video 😊☺️
Good Lord your family is drop dead gorgeous 😍😍
Love the @morphebrushes 350 palette for summers end and fall, wearing the Orange tones on my eyes, lips are fairytale from @hotmakeup.usa and u can use the code "Sonjdra" for 20% off lashes are @esqido voila lash and I'm wearing 2 pairs stacked!
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@sarah.lauriston her makeup is always flawless
Omggg 😍 @angela1xo
Photo from The beautiful @elizasmithmusic Photography by @onlylyx Hair - @mischai Makeup - @sonjdradeluxe
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Great work! Wanna dm me your email and I can send you the pics if you want them?
Photo 2 I took of @brookenaito for her maternity shoot! Makeup I did in the previous post !!
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@eas8112 @asmaaalhajaji
@bshaaayer 😩😂
Did the makeup and photography for the beautiful @brookenaito maternity shoot, she is one of my long time best friends and I Can't wait to meet my niece! YOU KILLED THIS PHOTOSHOOT GURRRRL love u
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What Netflix and chill leads to @fatima.axo
New video up on my YouTube channel, the SNAP CHAT Q&A !! Link in my bio! Subscribe and share 💕💕
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I know you probably get asked this a lot but where did you get the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick on Dusty Rose? I am obsess with it and I can't find it anywhere..
Shot for @crownthequeens and @hausoflacquer OG - original goddess jersey, earrings from @crownthequeens and custom press on nails from @hausoflacquer "Lipstick is @meltcosmetics bang bang and noOd in the centre photographer @Allisonkuhl
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Eveeet😍 @busracakr
Ben de istiyom o tişörtten :'( @19kubra03
@hotmakeup.usa eyeshadow in glory bound Annnnd @hotmakeup.usa lipstick in fairytale ... With my @meltcosmetics blurr and unseen from my dark matter stack and a touch of #meltnood in the centre of my lips... You can use the code "sonjdradeluxe" for 20% off your @hotmakeup.usa orders PLAYA
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@sonjdradeluxe You Fucking Slay! 🔪
Be self expressed and feel like a sexy mf beast, whatever that means to you. Be unfuckwithable be unapologetic, do what makes you happy. Be a safe place for others to be free to be themselves by loving yourself and appreciating the billions of beautiful human beings inhabiting this beautiful planet. You are a beautiful contribution to this world, never try to rob anyone of there special light and love because it only weakens your own. I appreciate every single one of you unique and special beings, and I encourage you to make someone's day today. @anastasiabeverlyhills dusty rose lipstick @lashbunnyboutique vancity babe lashes @makeupforeverofficial artist palette on the eyes @smithcosmetics brushes tutorial out soon
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@rosanna.grullon so I need dusty rose too
Omfg. Goals. @shehad
My mom was said... Why don't u do a close up! Of half your face!... I'm like.. Yea! Then u can't tell that I didn't brush my hair and I'm wearing a wutang shirt. Sneak peak of the tutorial I recorded today :😁 follow my sister because she wants to hug everyone @arcticmaya and says things like swag sauce @anastasiabeverlyhills dusty rose liquid lipstick and @makeupforeverofficial artist palette on the eyes with @lashbunnyboutique vancity babe lashes
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I think that I'm falling in love with u ... 😍❤️u r perfect !