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Attention all Nissan Xterra guys. We have a bit of a contest for you. The PSD for the XTerra is a removable unit. This means it is easy to remove it replace packs on it put it back on the X. Take your gear hiking with you on the plate from your X. Here is the contest part. Follow us. Get one X friends that is not already following us to follow us. Guess how much weight is on this rack. First 4 right free rack down to pounds and ounces. The next 4 gets 50% off after that the next 4 gets 25% off. 馃挗馃挗 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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To all XJ guys to let you know when you see a post from this guy about trying to sell his design to us we turned him down. We do not do business with people trying to bully us in making a deal with them. Our design for you guys will be put soon. It will be from the Orange Boxx Fabrication family.
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With a product in testing. You never know how a product tester presents a brilliant idea. The Xterra PSD will come as a removable panel. It will have thumb screws to hold it in place after install. Want to change your bags out? No problem remove screws panel out put bags on it panel in. Brilliant idea! 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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GX-470 02-09 owners here it is just for you. Orange Boxx Fabrication has done it again. 15% discount use gx470 at check out. 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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Thank yo all our new partners this year. This is from #4X4unityapp 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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More photos from the install. I cannot express just how well this fits the 3rd gen. Gives plenty of side storage area. 馃馃馃槉 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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Toyota 3rd Gen guy's and girls we are a step closer to your release. We installed our last part on the rack. It gives it the footing it needs. No drilling into the interior panels is needed to install this PSD Molle rack. Plus if you buy both of them new parts coming this year will allow Mount points for an attic rack. Remember who innovates ? Orange Boxx Fabrication! . 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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Seems like there are going to be 2 FJ's that is getting custom max PSD's soon. Check out our partners.馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 #4x4unityapp Text @336-337-6311
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We have not had this out a week. Already customizing orders. 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 Text @336-337-6311
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Customizing is what we love to do. Just look at this beautiful part. 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 Text @336-337-6311
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Do you have an 05-15 Nissan Xterra? Guess what we have next coming out from Orange Boxx Fabrication? You guessed it!馃馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 Text @336-337-6311
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What do you want on your GX 470 PSD rack? 馃馃 + + + + + ++++++Partners++++++++ @overland_tennessee @dinos_av @apexoverland @brandonturner @bluelineoverland @utah_goat @code3offroad @gannphillip @boldoverland @rockcreekoverland @roadlesstraveled2018 Text @336-337-6311
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