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Sweaty #BTS from yesterday. I can't wait to share this collection with you guys 🔥
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It is unbelievable that 1 in 10 people go without access to safe water worldwide. But YOU can help. I’m partnering with @Ste@StellaArtois again to help bring attention to the global water crisis. By purchasing 1 chalice @StellaArtois will help @water provide 5 years of clean water for someone in the developing world. #ad #1Chalice5Years
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Love my sister and our matching @loveyourmelon hats.... the hat that gives back! 50% of all proceeds from this adorable beanie go toward fighting childhood cancer. Get yours here: www.loveyourmelon.com or @urilymcrew ❤️
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Morning workout! I'm thankful for my ability to manage stress and anxiety though physical activity. It's truly one of the only ways I feel like I can totally clear my mind 🙏 I'm sharing this info bc I hope it can encourage you to find a similar release. I think for everyone it is something different, but there are plenty of healthy ways we can channel the inevitable negative energy that comes up in life @heartandhustlegym @traineratlarge
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Last day in NYC 🖤
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Retro vibezZzZz🖤🖤🖤
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Hair and makeup last night before Sports Illusrated launch! ✨✨✨✨
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Tonight. My valentine ❤️
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