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This was my final Game… this was a very brave animal and got me HOME in one piece! I played this game 15 years and got thrown or knocked off at least 100 times which is just part of the game…
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As parents we are very proud of our daughters serving as Golden Globe ambassadors last year and welcome Simone Johnson, Dwayne Johnson's wonderful daughter as the Golden Globe ambassador for 2018! Well done ladies!
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I used to take this game very seriously for many years then after quite a few accidents which are part of the game I decided to slow down… Haven't posted in a while because I've been busy writing! Keep punching...
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Great memories.
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Hot night at the REAL ESTATE EXPO ! Thank you @adamcarolla for MC ing my segment of the show and Bill Zanker for putting it all together!
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"… Nothing is over!"
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My daughters turned out so beautiful this Halloween! @sophiastallone @sistinestallone
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My daughters doing a take off on Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg! When did I lose control? @sistinestallone @sophiastallone #family
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Soccer, a great sport played by great athletes… This game almost Broke every bone in my body… But I liked it… ESCAPE TO VICTORY #healthyfood #exercise #family #soccer
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With my great friend Kurt Russel in Tango and Cash ... we had a fantastic time making this movie…
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If you're having a BAD day remember there are A lot of people having much , MUCH WORSE days ...
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The one and only Clint Eastwood showing his golf swing! Great guy great icon...
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