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“…someone still loves you!” Despite already having two of the most anthemic crowd participating songs ever in 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions', Queen - as is their way - went bigger and completed rousing call to arms hat-trick in 'Radio Ga Ga'. Written by Roger Taylor for their 1984 album ‘The Works’, the track was a global hit, reaching No.1 in 19 countries. The band performed the song at every one of their concerts from 1984 up until their last tour with Freddie in the summer of 1986. The track was the centre piece of their now historic performance at Live Aid in 1985. • #Queen #Live #Rock #Pop #Anthem #Gaga
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Lift off! Queen live on the News Of The World Tour. 40th Anniversary Edition Pre-order @ www.queenonlinestore.com #NOTW40 #live #1977 #queen
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John enjoying the groove during the 1986 Magic Tour. Photo by Denis O'Regan • #Queen #rock #magic #tour #bass #pose
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Freddie Mercury’s vocal Improvisation at Wembley Stadium on the Magic Tour in July 1986. Interaction with the crowd was a key part of any Queen live experience and none more so than this example here, on the band’s last ever tour with Freddie • #Queen #live #freddiemercury #legend #rock
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Another chance to star in the Queen movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody'! Apply now Party People @ www.two10casting.com/bohemian #movie #bohemianrhapsody #queen #extra
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Brian on @SkyNews this morning. Topics included #que#queen, the Queen movie, the tour with @adamlambert, foxes & @nationaltrust #brianmay #queen #saveme
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One of the most recognisable images of the band together, this portrait by Snowdon first appeared on the Greatest Hits album of 1981 - now the best selling UK album of all time - and has been seen innumerable times since. Photo by Lord Snowdon • #Queen #portrait #greatesthits #rock #iconic
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Written by John Deacon and taken from the 1984 Queen album ‘The Works’, ‘I Want To Break Free’ peaked at the Number 3 spot in the UK and was a big Top 10 hit across Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. The music video was directed by David Mallet and shot on 22 March and 4 May 1984 at Limehouse Studios. The first part of the video was a spoof of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, as proposed by Roger Taylor. "We had done some really serious, epic videos in the past, and we just thought we'd have some fun. We wanted people to know that we didn't take ourselves too seriously, that we could still laugh at ourselves. I think we proved that." • #Queen #IWantToBreakFree #CoronationStreet #Drag #Moustache
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Nothing else to say here. #fredddiemercury #legend
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The show did indeed go on! Innuendo #backtothetapes. Our Silly Gooses #istillloveyou
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John, Roger, Freddie and Brian circa News Of The World - 40th Anniversary Edition Pre-order now @ www.queenonline.com #NOTW40 #queen #1977
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Taking place this weekend!The Mercury Phoenix Trust presents Innuendo: Back to the Tapes at METROPOLIS STUDIOS, London. Last tix @ https://store.thisismetropolis.com/events/2017-09-30-queen-innuendo-back-to-the-tapes-metropolis-studios #innuendo #queen
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