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The Massacre The girl with the black lipstick! Kim: (502)489-7857 |International| PO BOX 613607 Miami,FL 33261 резня! нет раскаяния!
See you again soon curaçao! don't forget to check me out on the upcoming reality show @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami I am LEADING cast member. Follow my lead! Heavy is the crown. Shining bright while the shadows stay behind trying to catch up 🌟✨ #themassacre
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You gonna be here (Florida) in October?
Follow the newest reality show coming to tv @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami I am one of the LEADING cast members of the show and was chosen wisely. I'm here to represent the strippers who really aren't strippers! I'm here to represent those of us who are humble and don't walk around with our head up our ass thinking we are better than the next! I represent the educated entertainers who know the difference between "then" and "than" or "your" and "you're" not to mention "their" "they're" and "there" OMG! I represent an entertainer who supports other entertainers and will sit at another pole dancers stage and cheer them on NOT belittle them. I represent those of us who do this for a reason whether it be to take care of their families or to build businesses! I'm easily mistaken for stuck up because of my dominating and aggressive performance... Just wait and see 😉 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
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Hey you, @officialmariajade!!! Glad to see you're doing well out there in the MIA. May have another opportunity for you coming up in the very near future! Keep up the good work, Luv!
You said a mouthful! I'm ready to watch you show up and show out
Euros 💶 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
260 13 1d
Tira sen 1 bia bai sinta pensa riba e 50 euro 😂
And Curaçao hundred guilders bill #weloveu #greatjob #lastnight 😘 #gonnamissurass😍😋
Curaçao went Maddddd! Thanks to all who came out to support my first show on the island! S/o my opening acts Montana and Royalty for coming and showing out .... Success 👍 im such a rockstar.. Look at my jacket 😩 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
271 8 1d
Gone head and follow back😈
And i heard u love lemon pepper wings so maybe u can hit me up for services 👉@chefmeta
These stoned stairs led straight into the ocean! I almost walked down too far until I remembered I have to remain on top! It's never time to hit rock bottom! Stepping stone! I'm on top! Look up to me not down on me! Follow my lead Stay 🆙 Way 🆙 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
652 9 1d
You in easy...very well said
Bang'Bang 👉 👈
I spy a topless me! I'm headed to your country next! 😜 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
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Hilton Curaçao
All rite..?
Virgin! 😩 @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
256 4 2d
What's the name of that you Drinking...Girl
When the love for you in another country is real! My fans waited patiently in a line to take pics with me and I enjoyed every moment with you all! See you tomorrow night at Club Spoonz 😉 #themassacre SN: I can be so shy in person
235 1 2d
See you later in spoonz
@therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
476 19 2d
Hilton Curaçao
Hahahahahaha @pap0es
Killing them 😍 @officialmariajade
My curaçao stylist giving me my authentic Caribbean braids for my meet and greet tonight!😩👏 see you all soon! @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
297 4 2d
Hilton Curaçao
Wham...Rude Girl wayssss the word
Way yuh Deal with..?
There's my new favorite shirt again 😜 #issues
338 15 2d
Curacao, Antillas Holandesas, El Caribe
Very well..nice
323 8 3d
Yes friend please do its day shift in text u my new number
@taboojamaica @taboo876 here we go again! Let's do it! #therealstrippersofmiami @therealstrippersofmiami
83 5 1w
Gyal take the middle and skin out yuh hole! Wait foooooooor it! I haven't been here in a while and they still know my playlist! Song @thealkaline2016 s/o @djmeat tag 5ppl #therealstrippersofmiami @therealstrippersofmiami
598 35 1w
The Gentlemens Club: The Office
Awoooo....Sink out...That Nice Pussy whole...Red woman
Are 1000 points for you
I don't usually come across ceilings with a liveable distance but when I do ❌❌❌ tag 5 ppl @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
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@iamcardib this chick here
That looks like it hurt!
376 6 2w
kissers and diggers.
But I'm one cheap bastard! 80% of the time. You see me on IG, You've seen me on Worldstar, You've seen me on YouTube,You've read about me, You've heard about me, You've watched me travel country to country and state to state but get to know me as I am a leading cast member on the new reality show @therealstrippersofmiami #therealstrippersofmiami
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I can't wait to work with my babes. I get to see you 😘😁
Are u gonna dance
Slaughter! Signature King Kong with the shirt rip off! With the real hair swinging #massacreeverything 😈 tag ALL ya homies! Bring me to your city or country this month!
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