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BREAKING: Prime Minister of #Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit says that the island nation has felt "widespread damage", losing "all what money can buy and replace" after #HurricaneMaria landfall. | Via @theanonjournal Wire. | More details online. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥Partner pages🔥 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @novanewsofficial @berning_media_network @thecaptainnomad1 @the.ghettopolitician ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #independentmedia #berniesanders #blacklivesmatter #nodapl
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People of the United States: this is the definition of a #CorporateDemocrat ・・・ Democratic Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) gave $20,000 to the legal expense fund of Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.), who is now on trial for corruption charges, records show. Salomon Melgen, the wealthy Florida doctor prosecutors say had a "corrupt pact" with Menendez, and his wife also donated tens of thousands to a prior legal expense trust that was established by Menendez. Booker appeared at the opening day of the corruption trial last week and sat in the first row behind his Democratic colleague. Booker said he expects "some serious appeals" if his mentor is convicted. "He's innocent until proven guilty. So he is an innocent man," Booker said. "If he's proven guilty, I think there's going to be some serious appeals because I think there are some fundamental constitutional questions that I've never seen in a case like this." #OccupyEverything #corybooker #snakeinthegrass #democrats #menendeztrial ----------------- ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician @thecaptainnomad1 Via @thirdpartystrong
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Never, ever forget that this election was stolen from us, our candidate was steamrolled and blacked out, and that the absolute arrogance and greed of the #Clinton/#DNC machine gave us #Trump. #OccupyEVERYTHING ・・・ 😍 "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!" ・・・ Oh Hillary, quit your day job . #gobacktothewoods #berniewouldhavewon ----------------- ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician @thecaptainnomad1 Via @jimmydoretruth @partywithbernie
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10 Dairy facts the industry doesn't want you to know. 1. 21,000,000 #dairy calves are slaughtered for #veal or cheap beef every year globally. 2. Like all mammals, #cows must give birth in order to make milk. They carry their babies for 9 months. Then begin to lactate for the sole purpose of nourishing their young. 3. Due to extensive biological manipulation, today's dairy cows produce up to 12 times more milk than they would naturally produce to feed a calf. 4. Virtually all Dairy calves are stolen from their mothers within hours of birth in order to maximize profit. 97% of newborn Dairy calves are forcibly removed from their mothers within the first 24 hours. 5. To keep them lactating at maximum yields, cows are raped and forcibly impregnated year after year. The constant cycle of forced pregnancy and birth creates a huge surplus of calves. 6. Females will join the milking herd. But before they do, they are typically confined 2 to 3 months in lonely hutches, fed a diet of milk replacer, while humans drink the milk intended for them. 7. The veal industry would not exist without the dairy industry. Male calves and surplus females are sold to be slaughtered for veal or cheap beef. 8. Over 90% of U.S. dairy cows are confined in primarily indoor operations, with more than 60% teetered by the neck inside bear installs, unable to perform the most basic behaviors essential to their well-being. 9. Trapped in a cycle of forced impregnation, perpetual lactation and near-constant confinement, most dairy cows overworked bodies begin to produce less milk around 4 to 5 years of age, at that point they are slaughtered. Normal life expectancy is 20 to 25 years. 10. Of the 9. million dairy cows in the U.S., 3 million are slaughtered each year at only a fraction of their natural life span. Their worn out bodies become ground beef and restaurant hamburgers. 👉 How do I go vegan.com👈 Video @mercyforanimals - This is where milk comes from. #OccupyEverything #ALF #AnimalLiberationFront ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician @thecaptainnomad1 Via @earthlove777 💔😔 @karmin_vegan @belinda_vega
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JUSTICE WAS SERVED! ✊🏽❤️✊🏽❤️ "People saw I wasn’t doing anything wrong," he said of the response to the video. "I wasn’t stealing or drinking. I was just working to sustain my family." #jus#justiceuan #ucberkeley #eloteman #OccupyEVERYTHING #migente #peoplepower #solidarity #justice #love #keepitcoming Via @latinasforbernie
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#tbt, July 2015: Rapa has been rambunctious since day one. Just a few weeks before this photo was taken, he had been found stuck at the bottom of a well — and as you can see, he wasted no time in settling in at the DSWT Nursery! • Rapa will be in our care for many years to come. To support his long journey to a life back in the wild, foster him today! Click the link in our bio or visit: www.thedswt.org/rapa •Via @dswt • • ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician @thecaptainnomad1 Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #DSWT #Rapa #RapaDSWT #DSWTTBT #elephants #whyilovekenya #kenya #nairobi #dswtnursery #africa #magicalkenya #savetheelephants #nairobinationalpark #saynotopoaching #racingextinction #jointheherd #DSWT40 #OccupyEVERYTHING
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#NorthKorea fired an unidentified missile into the Pacific Ocean 2000 km east of #Japan from near the capital of #Pyongyang early on Friday. The missile passed over the Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan’s north as residents were warned to shelter. Japan and #SouthKorea’s defense ministry confirmed the missile launch soon after it was reported by local media. Some reports indicate that the projectile is an intercontinental ballistic missile. Japan’s national public broadcaster, #NHK, says the missile flew over #Hokkaido at 7:06 am local time. It also warned citizens to avoid any possible debris. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥Partner pages🔥 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @berning_media_network @thecaptainnomad1 @the.ghettopolitician ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #independentmedia #progressive #berniesanders #panelsnotpipelines #blacklivesmatter #nodapl #OccupyEverything
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I NEEED Tyallcto understand that this is literally the definition of #TYRANNY & it's things like this that make it our civic DUTY TO OVERTHROW OUR GOVERNMENT. Mnuchin Bills Taxpayers For Honeymoon, Citing "National Security" | FULL VIDEO ON youtube.com/tyt #TYT #TheYoungTurks #Plutocracy #TreasuryDept #TaxPayerMoney #StevenMnuchin #DOUCHE @stevenmnuchin1 ⬅️ #OccupyEVERYTHING @theyoungturks ・・・ ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician @thecaptainnomad1
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It's all mathematics. #OccupyEVERYTHING 🤷🏽‍♀️ Government pie ----------------- ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician Via @jizoandchibi
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We second this!!!!!! #BoycottNestle!!!! ・・・ Reports have come out how companies like Applebees and Hooters are running out of business because of Millennials. Well, we should target the companies that are known for human exploitation and severe environmental damage- corporate giant, #Nestlé, being one of them. ⚠⚠⚠ #WeAreTheMedia #IndependentJournalism  #OurRevolution #PoliticalRevolution #WeThePeople  #OccupyEVERYTHING #CAFORPROGRESS ✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾 Via @snaybelle
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Holla new followers!!!! Thanks for coming along this ridiculous ride!!! We've been here a while and we're not going anywhere so enjoy the madhouse & chime in if you have something nice to say or want to participate in healthy debate! As a friendly reminder, haters (including closet haters - we have great BS radar) WILL be reported and blocked! We don't tolerate hate in this space and we are all in this together (unless you don't want to be, then you can kindly take a seat)! Help us #OccupyEverything and add our hashtag in your posts so we can share the #love & feature y'all on our reposts! Let's Spread Love, it's the Brooklyn way!!! #WeAreALLimmigrants #LoveWINS 💃🏽💃🏻💃🏿💃🏼💃🏾 #IntersectionalFeminism 🌈 #LGBTQ 🌈 #DefendDACA #TodosSomosImmigrantes #RefugeesWelcome #BlackLivesMatter #BrownGirlMagic #OccupyYourHood #CAforProgress Self portrait by #SteadyJenny
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Im sorry I just had to share this.... Spoken like a true #FuckBoy who doesn't even see the hypocrisy of his own words......... Toupé Fiasco is a curse to this society!!!! Who #DAFUQ is he kidding!?!? #boyBYE #FuckBoyOfTheYear #BernieSanders doesn't even have to be president to get #SinglePayer passed! That's how much he gets it! #OccupyEVERYTHING ✊🏽Follow Our Partner Pages for more Good Ish✊🏽 @berning_media_network @fvckboyoftheday @ubcnews  @the.ghettopolitician
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