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@GeneralMillsCereal just joined bagels, Frappuchinos, toast, sushi, noodles, makeup, and the entirety of Brooklyn, New York on the #unicorn bandwagon. (via @nowthismoney)
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Shooting scares occurred all over the U.S. in the week following the Parkland shooting, where 17 people were killed and another 15 were injured.
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#ICYMI: Students of Stoneman Douglas High School questioned lawmakers and the #NRA at a town hall hosted by @CNN. • • • • #nowthis #news #nowthisnews #parklandshooting
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The Empire State Building went dark on Wednesday to honor the 17 people who were killed in the #Parklandshooting.
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Directly addressing the news outlets present during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch laid into the ‘legacy media,’ accusing the networks of capitalizing on mass shootings for ratings.
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EMPOWER, the @WomensMarchYouth branch, is organizing a #NationalSchoolWalkout on March 14th for 17 minutes, one minute for each victim of the #Parklandshooting. (via @nowthisher)
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It took @benahlesahles 10 months to glue together 42,000 matches together to form the perfect globe, and another two years to get the courage to light it up. Don’t blame him. #🔥 (via @nowthisfuture)
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A US start-up has found a catalyst that can turn carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into pure ethanol (alcohol), yielding a carbon negative (read: good for the environment) product. The company can currently produce a few liters per day, but is aiming for 1,500 liters per month. • • • • • #nowthis #future #lab #science #ethanol #alcohol #carbonnegative #carbonfootprint #environment #fossilfuels
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Hundreds of students walked out of school on Tuesday and marched to Parkland’s Douglas H.S. to demand change.
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Twitter trolls are claiming white women are getting assaulted at showings of @BlackPanther — don't fall for it.
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You can train with these #HarryPotter wands for real-life duels. (via @nowthisfuture) • • • • • #nowthis #future #wizard #spells #magic
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Scott Pappalardo preemptively addressed his haters: “I hope and I pray that it doesn’t take the barrel of one of these guns pointed at your child’s head to change your mind.” • • • • • #nowthis #gunreformnow #parklandshooting #douglasstrong
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