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Pro-tip: Don't put a frozen turkey in the deep fryer 🦃
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Pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys is the only White House tradition Trump hasn't thrown out the window
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Vieneese Stanton moved her wedding up 5 months early so her terminally ill father, Preston Rolan, had the chance to walk her down the aisle
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You'll need this for after your Thanksgiving meal. via @nowthisfuture
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The White Helmets aren't 'fake news' — they're heroes. To watch the entire video follow the link in our bio.
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This couple got married on the U.S.-Mexico border when it was opened for 3 minutes
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This good samaritan saved Mike Wyatt, a blind man, from being hit by an oncoming train
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These subway riders in NYC beat up a man who allegedly attacked a woman while her children watched on
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This badass all-women anti-poaching organization is trained to protect endangered animals. via @nowthisher
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Charles Manson, cult leader behind the Manson Family murders, is dead at 83
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People came together to reunite this homeless man with his mom after 10 years apart
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This real-life Iron Man just broke a record with his bodysuit. via @nowthisfuture
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