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On set today for @anastasiabeverlyhills Soft Glam Palette 🎉 the vibe today is bridal Glam 😊 BTS on my story and Snapchat This beauty is @rubinadyan
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Star Struck 🌟 by Erte’ I draw inspiration from so many places, it really depends on the subject. Erte’ has inspired me since I can remember. I’m sure my love for him started while staring at his work on my mother’s walls. He embodied everything good about drama & extravagance with his designs. This piece in particular is timeless. You can never dull a Star’s shine 🌟
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😪 Soft Glam was leaked, like everything else we launch nowadays. Here she is 😍😩 so proud of this palette. I wanted to create a neutral palette that is a go-to for anyone, transitions beautifully from day to night, and is a dream for MUA’s with a bridal clientele. I made this palette for my mom @anastasiabeverlyhills She is a neutrals 👑 and likes what she likes. I’ve been staring at the same hues of shadows in her makeup drawers since I was little. In truth it’s not just for her, it’s for everyone that loves this color story & wants shadows that melt on your skin and are packed with pigment. I created 7 new shades, used 3 from MR & incorporated my moms favorite ABH single shades which happen to be nudes Sienna & Orange Soda. There’s also Noir, because some of my favorite bridal makeup is a cat eye using mostly shadow that some of my favorite MUA’s create My philosophy on using existing single shades of those that are in a palette is this; if I can create a brand new shadow that isn’t in the line wonderful, however if some of the shades that work within the configuration are close enough to be an existing shadow, I’m not naming the new one something else and making you purchase a shadow that you can’t find as a single should you hit pan. Fair is fair & beloved shadows especially neutrals don’t exactly go out of style. I have so much campaign stuff to show you late February, but for now, here she is SOFT GLAM I just uploaded swatches on my story. They’re rushed & done while upset so don’t judge the sloppiness
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2018 I’m so ready 🔥 This is for Soft Glam #AnastasiaBeverlyHills On set with my extended glam family @brianziff @dressyourface @xavierlebron @sienree @theravenlyn @rasikanavare
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Putting wigs away & running out of room 😂 went a little crazy on the @powderroomd website
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‪ ABH bronzers! So excited 😊‬ swipe left for swatches ‪We were pacing content as this weekend was just a sneak peek, but I think seeing our swatches is necessary. I will say this, they’re really pigmented. It was a difficult decision to make, as bronzer can be lighter in pigmentation & it’s not a bad thing at all but I feel that you can always apply less versus building up and might appreciate having to use less in the long run. ‬ ‪These are matte, no shimmer, vegan and cruelty free as always. I focused on undertones to provide shades for Warm, Cool, and Olive undertones.‬ ‪They’re $28 and will launch on our website February 20th‬ ‪I mentioned this on Twitter a few weeks ago, we are sending these to all Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s Impluse, SiJCP cast members & sales associates first, starting now 🤗 want you guys to play with these asap. 💗you and thank you 🙏🏼 ‬
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🤩 ooooh @juelsbeauty
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😂😂 Facts
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Cant wait to share upcoming launches 😍 Top by @michelinepitt
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Trying to make 2018 ✨✨
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Happy Birthday 🎁🎉 to my beautiful, smart, strong, incredible mom! @anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiabeverlyhills You’re the best role model & I love you 😘 I know she’s had 3 birthday parties and counting, with more this weekend 😂 but today is her real bday! Love this pic of you taken by @jackalexander.la Nobody does your makeup better than @rokael_lizama 🔥🔥 Styling by @xavierlebron Art by me 🤓 #YesMyMomIsTheMakeupLine 😂
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