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Having a rough path ahead is inevitable, but we can always see the beauty of it and learn something out of it, together. - Photo by @indraaawn #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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Year-end is approaching fast! The days left to register for this trip are numbered! Let your once-in-a-lifetime moment be captured in London by the prodigious @bennylims! Fret not, for there are no travel fees required. For further information, do contact us. #nominapics
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There may be obstacles and jagged paths along the way, but I'm sure that we can tackle through them all as one. - Photo by @indraaawn #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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The sacred matrimony that has tied us together as one. - Photo by @bennylims Dress @texsaverio Accessories @rinaldyyunardi Brushed by @bubahalfian Location #italy #nominapics #nominawedding
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We have come a long way, and today is finally the day. It's not the end of our story, but a new beginning of our new chapter. - Wedding of @alvinsasmita & @melinamelone Directed by @celez Bushed by @bubahalfian Dress @texsaverio Location #italy #nominapics #nominawedding #nominavideo #nominabynic
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We paved a pathway our own kind of paradise. - Photo by @bennylims Dress @texsaverio Accessories @rinaldyyunardi Brushed by @bubahalfian Location #italy #nominapics #nominawedding
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Your profound affection is something that I can never get enough of. So, hold me tightly. - Photo by @donatusariel Location #melbourne #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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Love works in the most mysterious ways, but I'm forever grateful to have found one when our gaze crossed.⠀ - Photo by @donatusariel Location #melbourne #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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The warmth of your embrace is so comforting that I don't want you to let go. - Photo by @donatusariel Location #melbourne #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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I don't mind living any kinds of life as long as you are the love of my life. - Photo by @indraaawn #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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When you're in love, the world is a so much more beautiful place. - Photo by @indraaawn #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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My love for you is higher than the peak of the highest mountain. - Photo by @indraaawn #nominapics #nominaprewedding
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