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If you can name the other artist on this song I won’t hate you (not JT)
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Comments been mad dry lately
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Made this in like 15 minutes at halftime lol just because I finished my hw early
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Why this mans so angry
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Was going to make this a full edit then decided there was no point. Done in like 15 mins lol
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Ignore the rsmb, I put my sports preset on by mistake. But ye I’ll be working on paid edits for now, if anyone wants to buy anything dm me
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Prolly my favorite edit I’ve made
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If I could just go back to last summer it’d be cool
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For those of you that want to know why I decided I’m done editing, I’m turning 18 in a few months, this used to be a way for me to distract myself from all the bullshit going on in my life but lately it’s just been causing me more trouble than it’s been helping. It makes me happy to know I had some positive impact on some of your lives no matter how minimal. However I think it’s just my time, I’ll post every once in a while but don’t expect an edit every day or even an edit every month, it’s just going to be something I do when I get extremely bored. I love you all and thank you for helping me get through all this bullshit for the past 4 years, this community has been my escape and I am much more than grateful for everything you have all done for me. Thank you all.
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Decided I’m not making a goodbye edit so comment on what your favorite edits of mine and I’ll put them together into an album then log out of here again
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