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For this tribute to the region that shaped us, we've worked with Golden Bear, the expert varsity jacket makers who outfitted World War II pilots, as well as generations of athletes since.
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Duckboot season approaching
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Our first deck for fall has a 6.5 inch long rounded nose that goes into a 15 inch wheelbase. The deck starts at 9.25 inches at the front of the board and narrows into 8.5 inches, going into the square 7 inch long tail. Dipped with printed top and bottom graphic. Made in the USA.
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Shetland wool, which Scottish fishermen have relied on for centuries, has a similar character to the animals it comes from. Astonishingly light weight and warm, it doesn't ask much of whoever wears it, but keeps him or her insulated from the cold with stoic composure.
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Christian at Marina Del Ray Happy Birthday @christianhosoi
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FALL SHOES 2017 On the Noah Blog
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Tomorrow we are introducing two distinct styles of hand-stitched, American-made Noah shoes for fall. They come from slightly different corners of the footwear map, but are united by their hybrid aesthetics, premium materials, and solid craftsmanship.
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Thank you to everyone who purchased a hurricane relief tee. Together we raised $15,000 that will be going to Direct Relief to help those in need in Houston, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and other areas affected by the recent storms.
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IN DETAIL: CASHBALL PUFFER Cashball is a down-like fill made of 95% pre-consumer recycled cashmere. It is both animal- and environmentally-friendly, since cashmere is a humanly harvested material and Cashball is made from the otherwise-wasted leftovers of the refining process. Like down, it's remarkably warm, lightweight and compressible, but performs better in wet conditions and doesn't lose its shape. - More on the Noah Blog
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