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@pap@papito_blessedhands ・・・ DONT BE THAT ANNOYING CLIENT EVERYONE HATES AT THE SHOP. Pick up your phone, AND YOUR HEAD, or put the phone away. By @papito_blessedhands cut by @lilifades •••••••••••
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Shout out to @jrlusa and @buzzitforward for collaborating on this mobile barbershop. I have never seen something this clean, normally when I see a mobile barbershop it's made out of cheap wood, brick wall paper and the chairs are wack. #NicestBarbers
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@edubdatdude ・・・ Oh I know, how do you do that Edub with no enhancements and no photoshop? It’s called WORK! Enhance your craft not ur pictures! #DeathToPhotoshop #NicestBarbers
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Coming up in the men's grooming industry can be difficult with no mentor, teacher or educator what would be some tips you can share for those that need it. Leave a comment below👇and @ your favorite barber #NicestBarbers
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@kingdom_barbers ・・・ ♦️Where would I love to teach a class♦️#NicestBarbers
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