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Greatness comes at a price 🏃🏾‍♂️💨it’s all good though, because @adidasrunning has us covered. 👊🏽 #ULTRABOOST /// #ULTRABOOSTX #CREATEDWITHADIDAS • • 📷 @mehringsbearings
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Whether it be the Track, the Park or the Streets 🏃🏾‍♂️💨always getting 🔋ENERGY🔋with #ULTRABOOST #CREATEDWITHADIDAS @adidasrunning 📸 @mehringsbearings
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GREATNESS come at a price, it’s an IMPROVEMENT over time ⏱. ALL 👀 ON @adidasrunning . #ULTRABOOST /// ULTRABOOST X #CREATEDWITHADIDAS •PSA I promise this was a candid 📸😉. Stay locked in 🔒to see the much awaited adidas spring campaign 😎 PC 📸: @mehringsbearings
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I’m sure we can all relate to the contemplation phases of ‘Is Track really life ???‘😫😫😫 What was worse it was the itchy grass so I had lactic and I was scratching 🤧 • #tracknation #pain #noweakness
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Never will I fold 🙅🏾‍♂️ • • Edited by @nboynathan
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A lil clip of what I got up in South Africa 🇿🇦 with my sponsors got to work and play 😎 /// @adidasrunning ⛰ 🌊
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“I have decided to stick with love ❤️, hate is to great of a burden to bear.” #MLKDAY #TEAMLOVE
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They got me feeling like AJ @anthony_joshua 🥊 #aj
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Cut .... 🎬 And that’s a wrap from out here in Cape Town 🇿🇦 folks. I’ve had so much fun, the beautiful city showed me so much love ❤️ !!! 2018 started off with a bang!!!! Thank you @adidas @adidasrunning for allowing to be part of such a cool campaign thanks to all who made this happen #summmer18 #heretocreate 3stripelife.
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In love with South Africa 🇿🇦. Such a beautiful country. As you can see I’m meditating as I charge up to take part in @adidasrunning summer shoot. Lekker mi China !!!! #campsbay #SA #meditating #lekker #sharpsharp #zen #yingyang
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Indoor season is that you 👀. Man on a mission
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2018 is here, the season is fast approaching. Cheeky block session with @oji@ojie.edoburun . S/O to @ojie.edoburun with the 🔥 edits!! My @adidasrunning bro #heretocreate Big up man like @stormzyofficial #power #speed #tracknation #blocks
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