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Video by @ale@ale@alexbraczkowski Turn your sound on for some hungry lion sounds! When lions feed it can get competitive and at times even fierce! @alexbraczkowski has been filming a new @nat@natgeowild show on tree-climbing lions in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park. Many of the lions he sees are full of scars and scratches and you can see why in this video of a pride of 11 lions (three mothers with 8 cubs) feeding on a male Uganda kob which they've just killed. Although male kobs can weigh over 200 lbs, they don't last for more than one meal for this pride of lions and on this particular occasion Alex filmed them eating the whole carcass in just four hours! If you're wondering why the video has a weird purple color, it's because Alex is using a special infrared light. He's been doing this so he doesn't affect the lions when they are hunting (you can imagine how a hot white light will give away the position of a predator or worse blind the prey its trying to hunt!). Follow @alexbraczkowski and @natgeowild for more shots of lions and other big cats! • • • • #animals #lions #bigcat #uganda #safari #africa #wildlife #nature #beautiful #love #cute
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Video by @filipe_deandrade | While filming jaguars and olive ridley sea turtles in Costa Rica, I had to completely immerse myself in the lifecycle of both animals. Two iconic species revered and protected by the locals. Not a bad gig. Getting close to turtles on land is cake. I would just walk up to them, keep a respectable distance, wait for the females to start laying eggs and then roll camera. In the water though...totally different. Their lethargic demeanor on land washes away in the ocean. They can ghost you in an instant and getting close enough to give them a high 5 is out of the question. But this interaction was completely instigated by the turtle. I was dumbfounded when she swam right up to me and started to chomp on my camera housing. Then it hit me, she thinks my camera is a jellyfish. Sea turtles have specialized digestive tracks which keeps them safe against jellyfish toxins. How WILD is that? It also showed me how easy it is for this majestic creature to confuse something man-made with something natural. So don’t litter the oceans. Want to see more and to find out how close I got to a wild jaguar? Stay tuned for the film coming out later this year 😸🐢. #wilduntamed #costarica #puravida
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Video by @bobpoolefilms | Hey Bro! Big male lions do better when they stay together. These brothers belong to a coalition of four males and they recently took over a new territory. They fought the pride’s males, chased them away and stole their females. Now together they defend a new generation of cubs. Coalitions of adult males are hard to beat. They create strong prides and that is important for the stability of lion populations. Every male lion counts. #lion #bigcat #wildlife #nature #africa #safar i#explore #discover #travel
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Video by @ale@ale@ale@alexbraczkowski @natgeowild is currently in Uganda documenting tree-climbing lions with @alexbraczkowski but today they came across an African leopard climbing down the branches of a large Candelabra tree. @alexbraczkowski is using a new low-light camera which can see in near total darkness (this shot was taken at 19:45 PM ). Leopards are the most adaptable big cat, found across over 150 latitude and eating more than 100 prey species worldwide they can live in almost any environment including deserts and snow capped mountains. Follow cameraman and big cat scientist @alexbraczkowski for more shots and facts on leopards and other big cats! #leopard #uganda #beauty #bigcat #spots #wildlife #africa #wilderness
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Did you know African lions were once found across nearly every major habitat on the continent, ranging from South Africa's Cape mountains as far north as Algeria, Egypt and Morocco. Their most important populations are now limited to ten key strongholds mainly in Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and Mozambique. Accurate lion numbers are however rare, but are critical for saving the species. #follow @nat@natgeowild and @alexbraczkowski on a new adventure to count lions in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park. These lions are also some of the most special on earth - hanging out in massive fig and euphorbia trees. Stay tuned to the @natgeowild Instagram to catch awesome shots, videos and stories about these incredible tree-living lions and why it's important for us to help save them! #lion #beauty #picoftheday #bigcat #bigcatsforlife #wil#wild #natgeowild #africa #wild
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Matt Wright (@MattWright1) responds to a call about a possible sighting of a legendary crocodile that may be the largest he’s ever seen, tonight on the season premiere of #MonsterCroc! • Join Nat Geo WILD and @mattwright1 for the season premiere of Monster Croc Wrangler, tonight at 10/9c! • • • #wildlife #nature #crocs #crocodiles #australia #aussie #saltwater #explore #adventure #rescue #outbackwrangler #natgeo #crocdundee
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In the dramatic scenery of Australia’s Northern Territory the saltwater crocodile population has been protected for over 40 years, which means they’ve had time to grow! The bigger they come, the greater the need to protect these magnificent predators from human encounters. In Season 3 of Monster Croc Wrangler, Matt Wright and his mates Jono and Willow will rescue at least one croc an episode! It’s dangerous work but danger comes with the territory. #MonsterCroc • Join Nat Geo WILD and @mattwright1 for the season premiere of Monster Croc Wrangler, tonight at 10/9c! • • • #wildlife #nature #crocs #crocodiles #australia #aussie #saltwater #explore #adventure #rescue #outbackwrangler #natgeo #crocdundee
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Video by @filipe_deandrade | The Fiery-Throated hummingbird is endemic to the mountains of Costa Rica and Panama and uses the adaptation of torpor at night to survive in its cool montane habitats. #NationalBirdDay #WILDUntamed • • • #wildlife #nature #birds #hummingbirds #slowmo #camera #costarica #animals
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Video by @bobpoolefilms | A family that plays together stays together, at least for a while. I filmed this young brother and sister cheetah playing endlessly. They are still together although no longer with their mother, because she is busy raising a new litter of cubs. Eventually the male cheetah will wander off on his own, or join other young male cheetahs to form a coalition. He will travel far and wide looking for his own territory. The female will stay in the area she knows and live a solitary life until she finds a mate, and raises cubs of her own. • • • #cheetahs #wildlife #nature #africa #safari #explore #discover #cute #love#travel
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Our nearest relatives in the animal kingdom use straw to reel in their meals. Chimpanzees use tech by making fishing tools out of sticks, grass or straw. #NatureTech (with @Mashable) • • • #nature #animals #technology #adventure #explore #monkeys #chimpanzees #discover
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This man jumped into action when he spotted a small rabbit near the fast-spreading wildfire. • • • #wildlife #nature #fire #wildlifefire #naturaldisaster #videooftheday #weird
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Video by @ale@ale@alexbraczkowski This cub looks like spiderman climbing down this tree! All over Africa and across parts of the globe you can regularly see leopards climbing trees, but seeing African lions do this is far rarer! There are only two populations in Africa where lions regularly climb trees, and Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda 🇺🇬 is one of them. Big cat biologist and cameraman @alexbraczkowski is filming a new television show for @nat@nat@natgeowild and showing how young cubs learn to climb trees. From jumping, falling and even backing down like this little fella these young lions are full of surprises! #follow @natgeowild and @alexbraczkowski for more tree-climbing lion adventures! @natgeowild #lion #beauty #cubs #cute #bigcat #videooftheday #wil#wildlife #natgeowild #wild
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