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Happy birthday to one of MVNU Athletics' biggest fans, Sharon Spaulding! Thank you for your support of #MVNUnited, and we hope you have a great day!
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Congrats to @rulecougar for earning the Rio Grande Bevo Francis Classic crown! Cougars improve to 5-2 with the win today over Wilberforce, and they're having some fun with the trophy! #MVNUnited #RULECougar
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‪Thank you Pleasant Street Elementary 4th/5th graders and staff for this great card! Grateful for your participation on Champions of Character Day, it was an awesome atmosphere in Ariel Arena! @rulecougar #MVNUnited‬
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MVNU student-athletes and Athletic Department staff, you are invited to tonight's "GOvember" Athletes in Action meeting at 9 in the Watson classroom! Julie Bauer and her husband from the AIA Headquarters will be presenting on summer opportunities through AIA, including travel, coaching, and playing opportunities. Desserts will be provided! #MVNUnited
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MVNU welcomes the 4th and 5th graders of Mount Vernon to Ariel Arena!
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Looking forward to hosting the 4th and 5th graders of the Mount Vernon School District tomorrow! @rulecougar against Cincinnati Christian, 11 a.m. @mvnucrazycougs #MVNunited
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Well done to the MVNU Cheerleading team throughout Homecoming Weekend! #MVNUnited
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Thank you to CrossFit 1808 for your valued partnership with MVNU Athletics! @mvnuwbb #MVNUnited
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The Cougars warming up for their matchup with Carlow University! Head down to Ariel Arena!
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92-73 win for the MVNU men over Rio Grande in front of a great Homecoming Crowd! @rulecougar @mvnucrazycougs
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What a blessing to be #MVNUnited at the President's Prayer Breakfast this morning! Thank you to everyone who made the gathering possible, and to Dr. Spaulding for speaking on God's faithfulness. We are all looking forward to Homecoming!
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Looking forward to tomorrow! #MVNUnited @mvnuwbb @rulecougar @mvnucrazycougs
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