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Anniversary coffee at thump
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Be with the change #mukhayoga
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New spacedye leggings from beyond Yoga sooooo nice and soft #Mukhayoga
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Yep Yoga everyday this week and loving it #mukhayoga
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Calm before the storm #mukhayoga #calm
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Sometimes upside down is where it’s at #mukayoga #upsidedown
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Time for some self ❤️ with manduka Eli lite mat, sand wood mala beads, hugger mugger zafu meditation cushion and of course a silk eye pillow. What do you do for self love? #self love #mukha Yoga
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What's happening? Namaspa's party is what happened! #namaspa #mukhayoga
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Fun last night at the namaspa 10th anniversary celebrations #namaspa #mukhayoga
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Mask night at namaspa
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Mukha yoga at Namaspa's 10th anniversary
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At the bend outdoor venture tonight
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