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not gon rain on my parade. #mardigras
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the crown. #krewedeniggas
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fringe benefits.
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Stay ready.
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Last night I lost a DGA award. Tomorrow I’ll lose an Emmy (if I’m ever even nominated) and next week an Oscar.  Don’t expect them to honor us when they can’t even see us.  White privilege is so blinding.  Shout out to the culture for seeing me, to the people building platforms to honor and recognize black craft in the face of apathetic creative industries.  Y’all inspire me every day.
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Ride with the mob.
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Straight lampin’.
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Werking at the pyramid tonight.
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Waves on swim.
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Peace to the God.
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Amazonian adaptation soon come.
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Hollywood Sol. ✊🏾❤️
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Mi soon come.
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And fuck yo president.
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Baby bushwoman.
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Watch this revolutionary be revolutionary. Tonight. Hbo. Insecure. Thank you @issarae and @the_a_prentice for allowing me to fight alongside you. Keep on leading us!
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The Essence.
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Pump up the jam. #bgxdior
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Solid as a rock.
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