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“ you play KENDRICK on one of @bouncetv @swirlfilmsig No1 Shows #Sai#SaintsAndSinners” YUP & Season 1 & 2 2day Marathon Starts This Saturday & Sunday Nov 25 & 26th 1p! Season 3 coming 2018 ENUFF SAID! Hope Y’all Eating Like I Am On Thanksgiving! See y’all tomorrow for a special occasion! ❤️ #Artist #Spiritual #Actor #TrayChaney #SaintsAndSinners #DMVArtist #AtlantaIsHome
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it’s actually been 30 days (1month) since I’ve made a post on all my social media platforms.....During my 30 day social media fast I was able to tap into “Self Development” - incorporating Spirituality, Prayer, Health, Eating Right, Working Out, EXERCISING EVERYDAY & READING BOOKS thru out these last 30 days which will continue! (Lifestyle Change) . . . This had nothing to do with the entertainment business but when I found myself practicing/incorporating these important exercises in my daily routine .....I was cast in a dope film that just wrapped over the weekend called “The Portrait” written/directed by Alan Brooks starring Dee Dubois (Tyler Perry’s Madea BOO 1 & 2) @director_alan @dee_dubois @theportraitmovie . . . Not sure when or what day my next post will be because I really don’t miss all these distractions/illusions on social media & my 3rd eye has finally been opened 👁👁👁 BUT my message to you is to start looking at the bigger picture of life......once you understand “SELF” & how “YOU” truly work & take away some of those old habits....a lot of unanswered questions about yourself & other people will be answered.....until next time..... #ThePortrait #ThePortraitMovie #SAM #StrictlyAboutMusic #Actor #Artist #Hiphop
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Taking 30 Days Off INSTAGRAM! See Y'all November 7th Coming Back Bigger & Badder! Time to FOCUS only on my #WORK as an #Actor #Musician #Artist TRUST it will be worth the wait! 💯 LOVE YOU ALL
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((Swipe)) - Visionary: when you as an artist can see things that other people are not able to quit see just yet. Many of you know me from my work as an Actor...some are getting to know me from my work in music. I have a lot of dope songs/videos I put out....this special project in particular called "The Curriculum" that I'm passionate about speaks to parents on tracks like #LoveForYou #DedicatedFather & other tracks like #Attendance & #MikeBully speak to our youth....this project is a brand the website created around it - has Videos Shot to every song on the project also #TheCurriculum is avail for download/stream on iTunes , Spotify, Tidal....I say all that to say let's change the conversation in music for a minute because right now Tv/Radio/Media are not to excited about the facts of this project changing minds/lives.....DOWNLOAD/STREAM #THECURRICULUM my good people & let me know how you feel about the project/brand! (Link in bio) Tray Chaney aka Visionary #art#art/a> #entrepreneur #actor #music #hiphop #inspiration #change #visionary #art #video
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So here's the deal...if you not ready to feel UNCOMFORTABLE & JUMP out your #ComfortZone YOU NOT READY #period! I put myself & my family in BOOT CAMP jack!!!....#NEVERCONTENT this gone be the most inspirational story ever told one day! #TheChaneys #JUMP #NeverScared #Hustler #Actor #entrepreneur #Artist #ATLANTA
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You know how you got that one single you never give up on until you see results..."I WANT TO" is that single! Short film avail on my website : Gotta get the homey the king @troubleman31 on this one #artist #hiphop Video/Short film Shot by my team @walechampion @championstudio
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"A Man That Don't Take Care Of His Family Can't Be Rich" It's going on 3 months Me & my family (Wife & Kid) been living here in ATLANTA GA. I must say this has been the best 3 months of my life because I've been able to focus on the importance of being a husband & father. No type of entertainment business other than auditions & This month Oct thru next Year 2018 it's Getting ready to get extremely busy...contracts already signed for shooting TV shows, Movies...More Music...bunch of Press/media & a whole bunch of people I haven't talk to in months are going to come out of nowhere due to all the hype...shame on em for sleeping on Hustler🤔 (funny right) 😎 still love tho! BUT I say all that to say this...Thank You Jehovah for making me understand who & what really matters and what's more important also helping me to understand a lot of things I've been trying to figure out for a long time......but during this 3 month time frame I've been able to write write write...once I start it's no stopping! Who knows maybe a treatments..behind the scenes situations! #WaitOnit #TrustMeYouWillHear #artist #independent #contentcreator #entrepreneur #husband #provider #entertainment
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Just a kid from ForestVille MD/Washington D.C. living in ATLANTA GA who loves Acting! Constantly studying perfecting my craft & you haven't seen nothing yet! Stay tuned 😎#actorslife #actor #scene #emotion #film #tv
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Almost "TIME" to drop the first part of the S.A.M (Strictly About Music) visual album! R You Ready?😎💯💰🎥🔥 #artist #hiphop #entrepreneur
42 3 something GREATER because I'm constantly reminded it's a REASON why things may not have went the way I wanted it to go then BOOM...I be like oh ok GOD that's why 😎
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Another major highlight of my day yesterday was being surprised by my wife & son Malachi Chaney that he actually takes a theatre class at his school! I didn't have a clue all this time BUT this 6th grader was handpicked to attend an actors discussion at Morehouse College yesterday to sit in on a discussion from the cast of #tildeathdouspart to learn about all the experiences of being an actor! I NEVER even knew my son wanted to be an actor because I never had a conversation with him about acting so this came as a surprise! I'm excited for my lil man & I'm here to support whatever he wants to do as long as it's positive! Im glad it just came to him & wasn't forced just because I'm in the business! His teacher said he's On of the best so I automatically said I pray he goes far in this field! GO FOR IT YOUNGIN! #youngactor #ChaneyKid #education
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Not only is @marqueshouston a multi platinum singer but he's also a writer, producer, director and his film company @footagefilmsstudios that he started with @chrisstokes1969 is doing some amazing films #Til#TilDeathDoUsPart drops 9/29 in theaters nationwide so go support that. This pic is even more powerful though & the reason is because Marques Houston is a dedicated Jehovah's Witnesses & we connected on a spiritual level because I've been a Jehovah's Witness for many years & I've been recently working on creating a balance as far as my career goes....NOBODY'S PERFECT & We as humans only answer to GOD but I just feel the connection Me and this brother made for the first time meeting each other was for a reason & its a lot more in store to come so stay tuned! Again go check out #TilDeathDoUsPart 9/29 in theaters nationwide! #spiritual #artist #actor #entrepreneur #film #tv #inspired
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