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London tomorrow with r kid @alan_beak 💙
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I’d love to post more creative stuff but that’s just not what my clientele want. I’d love to post more but just like @patty_cuts, a break is a good thing. I get lost in all this Instagram hype and sometimes it all just amalgamates into one haircut. Trend is trend. Fashion is fashion. This is a fashion forward industry so posting photo shoots and one off haircuts is so sick and motivating but when you’re fully booked for weeks on end, the customer comes first sometimes and I know a lot of my customers don’t like the camera. That being said, they’ll have to suck it up because I’m all out of #reposts nearly 😂 for real though, after I’ve got back into the habit again, I’ll be posting a lot of new content ✌🏼 #WeBeEarningNotConcerning #RUGER.
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Christmas week 🔥🤯 keep checking for cancellations 🎉 #RUGER.
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"We are pleased to announce our upcoming tour. The Spotlight Tour is an amazing opportunity to combine your hairdressing skills with state of the art photography, collaborating contemporary hair tuition with a professional photo shoot set in secret locations throughout the UK. Allow yourself to be pushed to your full potential! If you would like more information, course details with dates and locations please send a short email with who you are and why you would like to take part to"
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Almost ready for the madness 💃🏼 December appointments are filling up baaaare fast so be sure to get organised 🎅🏽 #RUGER.
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#WAHL’s deep in #RUGER.
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Way back Monday... in sunny Russia with r kid and @dmitrievaaa trying to pick up some Russian from her translating skills 🔥
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One of the best humans you’ll ever meet. Value your customers, they can become a lot more than business @ollie_pinnacle #RUGER.
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Welcome back @tompetrie1 👋🏼 I missed your hair 😂 🙌🏼 #RUGER.
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Cheeeeeky little trip to London over the weekend, I met up with r kid @liamthebarber and chatted about not taking all this work life too seriously 😂 over a beer obviously. Or 9...
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Christmas appointments @booksybiz 💡 #RUGER.
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