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Looking out and ahead for 2018 ✨
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Thank you, come again...
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Noah on the sidewalk, outtake from @iriscovetbook
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Inside mouth
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Too close
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Portrait with an annoyingly long dust on it...
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Bad Luck Crew*detail* @jackjpage
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I think a simple portrait can say a lot.
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Baby it's cold outside. @theinsaneballer17 styled by @airikprince mua @juanjaar
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Her hair flowed like crashing waves
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One day during a shoot I ran into René at the train station. He makes his own clothes which define his eccentric style. I asked to take his photo. I tried to give him my card and exchange info so I could send him this photo. He refused saying "I'm sure I'll see it someday." 💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️So if you see or know René show him this ♥️
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