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Dont feel guilty for doing what's best for you No guilt from me loving this Camo Buenos Aires Jumpsuit topped with the Shay Satin Bomber from @fashionnova To all of you out there who finds it difficult to say no - Setting boundaries is healthy, you need to learn to respect and take care of yourself #beyou, #doyou for you Wish you a lovely sunday #fashionnova #novababe Reklame
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MEN READ THIS Im a proud mom, in 4 months time ill have two boys to raise and take care of One is ten ( Sean ) and Norr is set to arrive the 13th of july. Im a strong believer in a healthy morale, work ethics, being polite, humble and having good manners amongst others. Those traits will get far in life, and I am very strict about my children adapting those same principles, because I want them to learn traits of a true gentleman and real work ethics, they have to understand that nothing in life comes easy and you have to respect other people, regardless whatever they believe in, whatever color or look they have What I will learn them too is to speak up when mistreated, degraded, harassed or bullied And that is exactly what I do about those lost soul's I expose in my stories, I refuse to stay silent about it, I refuse just to ignore it and move on, because every single woman on social media experience this on daily basis - And what does science say about it? The more something gets exposed, the more it will make the people doing it think twice before making the same mistake again, which is also my personal experience based on all the apologies I receive after exposing the suckers Its very very simple - Be polite, respect people and treat others like you want to be treated yourself So here is my prayer to all of you reading this : Share positivity, recommend others to be polite and push back if you are being pushed, call out and expose sexual harassing people, call out people who's degrading and disrespecting others without reason, it needs to get out there when people behave badly, if not they will continue their disrespectful crusade forever Please share #bekind and respect each other
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Take time to what makes your soul happy Dress from @fashionnova Wish everyone a fabolous weekend when you get there . . . . #newin #timeoff #round #buff #fashionnova
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Let's change things up I love you like a back alley hooker loves crack On a sidenote, you dont have to wait for Valentines day to show someone you love them Happy Valentines No need to say the dress is from @fashionnova . . . . #vday #preggo #fashionnova #danmark #strongwomen #ladylike #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitmommy
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Not the most intelligent But I still know how to rock a fab outfit being 19 week's in, shirt and leggings from my faves at @fashionnova Despite not having a higher degree in anything, despite being shitty at spelling and gramma ( thank you dictionary ) and despite not being the "look" of the industry, despite growing up with nothing and ending up later in life as fat, unhealthy, mentally broken and depressed, I still managed to do well, I didnt just make it through to the other side, but I did and ive done really well Neither am I the best at anything or the most beautiful! But what I do have is heart, and what I mean by having heart, is that when I put my mind into doing something I fucking do it, im not holding back or easing into it, it's all or nothing and getting things done until it works out the way I want it to And that's the deal breaker, either you give 100% or you dont give anything all, do things half hearted and you will get half the result #fact Over and out #doit #neverquit #allin #fashionnova #pregnant #novababe REKLAME
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What would you do If you walked by a fully pregnant woman with a cigarette in her mouth, and a beer in her hand? Would you interact with her, or would you just shake your head and mind your own business? My mom was all in on the drinking, partying and smoking when she was pregnant with me! Has it hurt me in any way, well of course I cant answer that, but I do have allergies, hypothyroidism and Chrons disease ( rectum narrowing ). Would that be any different if she lived a healthy life, maybe, maybe not! But one thing is for sure, she probably wouldnt have had 3 blood clots in her brain, leaving her partly paralyzed with highly decreased lung capacity and a bad health in general at the age of 50 So again, would you honestly and openly go talk to her, or would you ignore it . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pre#pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #danmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #pregnant #fitmommy #gravid #preggo #healthyliving #mondaymotivation #healthylife
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Trying my best To stay golden and extra sparkly in this super comfy Falls Favorite Girl Sweater from @fashionnova Anyone knows who to talk to if you want another weekday added in? I really need a day between sunday and monday, I think smonday is a good name for it Anyhow I wish everyone out there in the real world a wonderful week ahead . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #doyou #empower #healthyliving #sundays #girlswholift #fitmom #pregnant #fitmommy #healthylife #gravid #preggo #fashionnova #novababe #danish #fitnessdk #danmark #strongwomen
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Making mistakes Is fucking better than faking perfection Casual saturday in @veromoda shirt, @freddywear.de jeans and @aldo_shoes wedge boots Stay classy sassy . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #denmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #preggo #healthyliving #casual #danmark #freddywrup
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Yes im clearly pregnant But if you remind me once more of how huge ive gotten.. Im going to eat you Strutting my stuff in this ridiculously fab dress from @fashionnova 18 and a half week in today and still slaying a dress like Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet, okay not quite but a little self inspired confidence boost have never hurt anyone Wish you all a lovely day, evening or night out there . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #danmark #fashionnova #novababe #preggo #healthyliving #reddress #fitmom #girlswholift #confidence #curvemodel #dresstoimpress
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Witness the Fitness Or WTF! The hard part isnt getting your body in shape The hard part is getting your mind in shape, that's the real challenge Whether you want to lose some weight, gain some muscle, improve your performance or just live a healthy life, your success hinges on developing a solid foundation of mindset skills Your succes or failure has very little to do with exercise or nutrition, though very important factors, it's more the psychologic part that will make or break you It's the easiest thing in the world to give up, and everyone does it from time to time especially when it comes to hard work, but to hold it together when everyone would understand if you fell apart, that's true mental strength #mindfulness Outfit @workoutempire #workoutempire #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #danmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #preggo #tyngre
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Tip of the day Not everyone believes what you believe, not everyone was raised like you, not everyone is built like you, accept it, learn to understand rather than judge Cold af in this @fashionnova #jumpsuit, but your Mommy Mia got to do what she got to do . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #denmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #fitmommy #gravid #fashionnova #novababe #preggo
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Busy Bee Here seen being my very best bitchy self #restingbitchface / Dress from @fashionnova Strong willed women tend to come off as cold and mean, simply because they refuse to be taken for granted or mistreated Facts on a cold february tuesday . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #denmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #fashionnova #novababe #preggo #stripes
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When in doubt Wear red like this sassy classy dress from @fashionnova Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick ass red dress Red symbolises power, decisiveness, leadership, encouragement, action, confidence, enthusiasm, passion, love and stimulates energy Red is the color of winners 18 weeks in and still slaying Any comments regarding my breasts will be deleted and the account blocked . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #denmark #mommylife #girlswholift #fitmom #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #fashionnova #novababe #preggo
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Mind your own business Unfuckwithable @fashionnova hugs the super pregnant me Immature men, this one is for you - Dont advice me on how to be pregnant, I have gone through it all once before with no problems what so ever I can lift relative heavy, I can run, do cardio, wear jeans and heels, do handstands, climb, eat mashed potatoes, jump on one leg, pick my nose, walk backwards, in other words I am like everyone else, only difference is that im carrying a life inside of me Please stop the "telling me" what is healthy and what is not, im a grown woman and can take care of myself, it would be greatly appreciated if you let me be pregnant on my own terms Please respect that, thank you . . . . #strongnotskinny #wonderwoman #empower #pregnant #fitfamdk #stretchmarks #denmark #mommylife #danmark #girlswholift #fitmom #girlsthatlift #fitmommy #gravid #fashionnova #novababe #preggo
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Insane A survey published yesterday, said that 75% of all Danish girls are unhappy with their bodies That's alarming! How I changed from being self destructive and hating myself to where I am now, I wish I had one simple answer for that, but unfortunately I dont have a plan or a solution to it, but what I can say it takes a lot of mind twisting and hard work to get there Your body wants to be stretched, exercised, nourished and touched. It wants to feel good. There are a number of ways your brain manufactures feel good neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers of the brain and body. One way to achieve the feel good state is by eating foods which are high in fat and sugar. Other ways include exercise, meditation and healthy eating. Before you skip exercise and dive into a triple caramel frappuchino, pay attention to what your body really NEEDS. You may discover a craving for energy in the form of exercise and whole FOODS, instead of a sugars, fats and doing nothing Information and thoughts move through your brain via neural pathways. The more your thoughts follow a specific pathway, the stronger that pathway becomes. If you are thinking I’m fat, I’m ugly every day, those pathways become really strong. Because of something called neuroplasticity, you can create new pathways with messages of self love and kindness instead of self rejection. One way to interrupt your negative thinking is to say “that’s not true” or by saying what you wish to be true instead How we nourish our bodies has a lot to do with self worth. Until you feel worthy of feeling your best, you will constantly undermine your own efforts to achieving that. You need to force feed your mind with self positive words, tell yourself that you can do this or that, tell yourself you are beautiful, strong, tough, badass, independent, unfuckwithable, gorgeous and a winner, whatever you want tell yourself that all day every day Morale is - Work on being in love with the one you see in the mirror, its the only person who can change your life, the best outfit you can wear is self confidence Rock it and own it #beyou #selfworth #bodypositive #healthyliving #confidence
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It's thursday So im going to do the infamous throwback to June '17 Which is my personal physical goal when I have delivered my baby boy this july. Curvy, small waist, powerful legs and that resting bitch face as my prefered look I think my weight was around 76kg at that time, this morning I was 80kg and im definently gaining 3-4 kilo's more before giving birth - Am I concerned about gaining too much weight in the process? Of course I am, not alone is it unhealthy and a pain in the behind to get rid of again, but it's very unnecessary to gain excessive weight due to over eating while pregnant, which a lot of women tend to do. I see a lot of women saying it's okay and use it as an excuse to eat crappy foods and way too much of it, because they are pregnant That's bullsh and is not true, you should be even more aware of what you eat and do to your body while pregnant, take care of yourself and you will take care of the life that's chillin inside of your stomach, you owe it to your unborn baby As I always say : Health is wealth Happy tuesday Instagrammers #throw #back #thursday #healthylife
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Im not me As seen here on Instagram, I have talked about this before in earlier post's What you see from people's life on here is just a fraction of who they really are Nowadays people seem to be obsessed showing off their lifes on social media, so the entire world will know they live a perfect life, sometimes I wonder if people arrange meet ups and get together with friends, not because they have missed them, but because they want to take pictures to show the world they are having such a good time with friends The "brag" culture has made us so obsessed in narrating our lives online, that we sometimes forget how to enjoy every second of it Which is also why I rarely share the moments when im at home or with friends, because that's where things are private for me and the one's im socializing with Sad to say, life is now a popularity contest measured on how many likes and followers they get THINK BEFORE Judging someone on social media Wish you all a lovely evening out there in the real world Entire #outfit by @fashionnova #socialmedia #reallife #celebrate #think
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Sometimes I tell myself That I look good and look beautiful Especially in these Distressed Jeans from @honeybum, shop til you drop using my code MISSMIA and save some pineapples Good look's are not something you earn, and I remember in my early twenties when my insecurities and self esteem was at my lowest ever, I thought to myself every single day, that I would never look good, beautiful or have the kind figure I have today What I did to change that perspective was actually straight forward - I changed the changeable, accepted the unchangeable and removed myself from the unacceptable The changeable : My body and mind got the full enchilada so to speak, weight training, healthy foods, more focus on me and things that did me good, and less focus on others and things that hurt or didnt do me any good The unchangeable : The frame I have been given from nature, im not a petite little thing, and that is a hard thing to accept when all you want is to be thin like all the fitness girls and models on social media, but when I finally embraced the way I was built there was nothing stopping me from going forward The unacceptable : I literally closed numerous doors to people with bad influence or bad habits, I would not accept anyone putting me down, anyone taking advantage of my weak soul, or anyone guiding me in the wrong directions So as arrogant and selfish it may sound, I actually do tell myself I look good from time to time, and so should everybody else do, looking good is the best damn revenge to get back at those who never belived in you, its that kind of revenge that actually hurts nobody and at the same time put a big smile on your face Treat yourself good, and you will look and feel good, its a win #embrace #change #honeybum #humbled #doyou
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Also sharing my Preggo workouts on the @toodlapp now, im going to see how it works out sharing my workouts on a platform, where everyone is focused on sports in generel, feel free to join in or start sharing your workouts yourself Btw. Those of you who are doing my workouts and sharing them in your stories, please tag me and ill give you some constructive feedback and tips if necessary Fave outfit from @workoutempire, wearing Regalia tights and sports bra Happy sunday #toodl #neversportalone #workoutempire #girlsthatlift #danmark
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Just dont Dont - Let anybody tell you that youre not good enough Dont - Let anybody tell you that you can't live out your dreams Dont - Let anybody control your life, be your own boss Dont be - Arrogant, bitchy, self centered, ignorant, fake, superficial or shallow Be - Brave, motivating, strong, independent, ladylike, kind, Inspiring, outspoken, real, trustworthy, reliable, genuine, empathic and humble Purple Regalia vibes from @workoutempire Wish you all a fab weekend #fabolous #workoutempire #tyngre #girlswholift #purple
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Progress Thyroid / metabolism update In this Goodie good mesh and Talia distressed skinny Jean from @honeybum - Get 20% off with Mommy Mia's code MISSMIA Since low thyroid are the primary reason for child death before birth, im all of a sudden being taken seriously by the doctors But what's sad is that I had to get pregnant before they actually would give me the medication needed! Got blood test's done yesterday ( 4th time ) and the medication today, wow! Two days was all it took to give me the medication needed, something they couldnt figure out the past 9 months of back and forth to the hospital So now the plan is another thousand visits to the hospital, check up's every week, more blood test's, scans on a regular basis too to make sure little Norr is doing well So far so good, party time #sofarsogood #honeybum #healthylife #thyroid #pregnant
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It's been one of those days We all need bad days, because it helps us truly appreciate the good one's Crop top from @honeybum, feel free to use my code MISSMIA and save your bananas Night night #bedtime #honeybum #sweetdreams
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Do you even love yourself Thirteen ways to improve the way you feel about yourself 1. Stop comparing yourself to others. People achieve succes and fail at different rates 2. You're not as fat as you think. Your fat percentage has no impact on what makes you a quality human being 3. Exercise because it is good for your soul and not solely for your outward experience. Appreciate your body and all the things it can do. Stop picking it apart, you will never achieve perfection 4. Let go of the past. Forgive the people who hurt you so that YOU can move on. Carrying around anger only poisons you 5. Reunite with old friends from school or college and your past in general. Let go of friendships that no longer serve you. People grow apart, it's natural and it's okay 6. Call your friends and family more often, don't just follow them on social media. Remember when we used to have to call or meet up with people to hear their voices? That experience is so much richer 7. Care about your apperance, not in a vain, superficial way. Slay your look, so you can feel great when you leave the house. But, if you feel like wearing sweatpants and your hair in a bun to the grocery store once in a while, go fucking do it 8. Be active. Exercising regularly releases endorphins and contributes to your level of happiness and will help you feel better about yourself 9. Laugh at yourself. If you trip over your feet or realize your shirt is on inside out, don't worry about it and make it a joke 10. Eat less processed food. If you actually knew what was in that shit, you would be disgusted. Eat healthy and preferably organic to nourish your body 11. Smile more. The more you smile, the happier you will feel. It makes other smile too, trust me, I excel in that 12. Be less judgmental. Be kind, treat others like you want to be treated yourself 13. You will never be able to please everyone. Not everyone will like you. You won't like everyone you meet. Be yourself because you are perfectly imperfect, and that's totally fine Basicly do whatever makes YOU happy #beyou #imperfect #doyou #fashionnova
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