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Where I come from The attitude to have, is to NOT quit My Momma, one hell of a woman, fighter and badass lady She badly broke her back at 18 years old and was hospitalized for 10 months, she brought me into this world as a 20 year old lady, despite her back getting worse day by day, she kept working her ass off in pain to support me and my little sister, we didnt have much, but we sure had plenty of love to give each other. She got multiple back surgeries done the following years, and in one final attempt to fix her back she ended up with triple blood clots in her brain as the result She lost her ability to speak any words, she's partly paralyzed and have big trouble walking, she's in constant pain and she will never be able to lift and hug her grandson, that's life for you right there But one thing I brought with me from my childhood, is my relentless attitude towards never giving up, Momma taught me that And here I am today, standing tall and proud as one can be, I have achieved the things I wanted to achieve, I have raised my son to be a true little gentleman, I have turned my life from depressed and fat to happy and curvy as fuck, and the journey towards even greater achievements has only just begun Never give up means everything to me #neverquit #nevergiveup #proudmommy #mommy
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Cheers to positive people Its Tuesday / Chooseday Choose to slay Choose to love Choose to help Choose to be kind Choose to be happy Choose to be humble Choose to be yourself Just sending some tuesday love for you guys out there #humble #yourself #slay #outfit #novababe
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You know what I hate All the monday sayings! How many people have you met, that told you on monday they will start or stop something "important"? Guaranteed a lot right, you probably have said it once or twice yourself, I know I have said it Monday, new week, new goals - Nope, the grind never stops, mondays arent for fresh start's, every single day of the week is yours, own them all, small daily improvements are the key to kick ass long term results Happy #mondaymotivation Instafamilia Bonus : There is a zipper on the back of the #jumpsuit guys #ownit #novababe #fashionnova
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Backshot like whoa My heart is pure & my booty real My booty and legs used to be bigger ( just look back on my gram ), and its because of these two : Powerlifting and bodybuilding, my legs grew like they did, my thighs increased by 10 centimeters in the first year alone But at my strongest ever, I unfortunately made a true Hollywood stunt chrash down the stairs while carrying my sleeping son, ofcourse I did everything to protect him from the fall, which left me with a broken foot and a knee that still bothers me today, same year it was followed by hernia surgery and breast surgery, and now a year later another thing is coming up which will suppress muscular gains But that is life, its a roller coaster, up's and down's are inevitably over time. No need to stress because progression arent constantly achieved, losses, failures, let downs, kick's to the head will eventually be part of your life to the end But - very few "setbacks" are really setting you back, they will all add to increase the fire inside of you wanting to succeed, its all about you continuing the fight for what you want, regardless of how many times you are knocked down - #nevergiveup folks Wonderful sunday out there Lounge set by @fashionnova #neverquit #fashionnova #novababe #bootybuilding
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The Body Positive Movement Is a movement that encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being. Whether people are nurturing their bodies and maintaining their weight, or finding a place in life where they are comfortable through working out, or changing their lifestyles to find a better attitude, the body positive movement focuses on building self-esteem through improving one's self-image. The body positive movement targets all body shapes and sizes Body positivity is NOT about being 100% natural not only about embracing what you already have, its about YOU doing the things that brings YOU to a higher level of loving yourself, whatever that might be, everything goes as long as it improves how YOU look at yourself, its that simple The same goes for #beyou and #doyou - Its what we all should do, DO OUR damn selfes, who ever judges you for that is obviously questioning themselves more than anyone else So if anyone tell's you to shut up, because you talk about body positivity and you have had surgery done, tell them to go watch some cartoons or enjoy something else at their level of intelligence. People get their teeth, fingers, ears, noses, breasts, ass and lips echanched, repaired or replaced, whatever add's to increased self esteem, more confidence and increased well being both physically and mentally is body positivity Facts on #facts family Its saturday, im in the countryside the entire weekend with my beloved one's, wish you all out there a similar fantastic weekend Fave top by @fashionnova #bodypositive #fashionnova #novababe
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Smile Its the prettiest thing you can wear Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world - Marilyn Monroe And from pulsating Copenhagen in tiny Denmark, I wish you all a fantastic weekend Entire #outfit by @fashionnova - Flowerful powerful #fashionnova #weeknd #guccigang #momma
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Too much Some might see me as being too much in my visual apperance, or too big to be really feminine, too buff to be a lady, too sexual to be a mom, too sassy, too masculine or god forbid too muscular Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, and most of us have experienced being judged by totally irrelevant and narrow minded people You can call me what you want, im actually all of the above mentioned and even more, and you know what I love the most about it, im damn proud of it and I dont give a shish about what others think of me If you were me, you would know. But you're not, so dont think you do. You will never look good trying to make someone else look bad, give that a thought or two Words for this thursday, wish you a lovely evening #mind #your #own #business #fashionnova #novababe
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If you don't Make the time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don't want Truth Sorry for the lack of workout uploads in my story the last couple of days, ive been nausea and throwing up like a drunk teen experiencing their first ever absint hangover I will be back in charge again tomorrow Mommy Mia Sand is out Wearing the Power Jumpsuit from @workoutempire #workoutempire #tyngre #jumpsuit #mommy #flex
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Your dresses should be Tight enough to show that you're a woman, and loose enough to show you're a lady Always stay classy and sassy, but never trashy Happy tuesday out there #sassy #class #fashionnova #novababe #urbandecaycosmetics
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There she glows It's very rare that when I look at a picture of myself, I tell myself that it look's alright When I do model jobs I rarely get to see the final image, and I really dont want to look at it either because I honestly dont like looking at pictures of myself, most of us are our own worst critic, and im certainly not any different But this picture right here I kind of love, the light and the colors makes it look like a warm summer day, the image is sharp, my makeup, skin and glow look's spot on, the contrast between the black clothes and the tanned skin is rocking, the angle is great and my eyes ( fave part of myself ) stand out, its a very well composed shot in my eyes Morale is : Life is too short to be at war with yourself, talk to yourself like you would to someone you love, nobody is perfect, but im sure that parts of you are pretty awesome Wish you all the happiest monday #proudmom #comesofar #transformation #progress
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Have you told anyone lately That you are worried or that something is bothering you? If not do it, speak up I know it's a lot easier to pretend that everything is okay, than it is to explain to everyone why you're not But keeping your thoughts to yourself doesnt take away tomorrows trouble, but it will take away today's peace! Reach out to the one's you love and share what's on your mind, I guarantee you that people will listen, you will never be a burden to anyone that loves and cares about you That's exactly what I did when I wanted to change my life 5 years ago, I asked for help, it's so simple but yet such a hard thing to do, I know that, but have you ever wondered which would hurt you the most : Saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had Early #motivationalmonday #doyou #ask #fashionnova #novababe
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Early bird Every single xmas gift is now bought, just need to wrap the 7 million gifts and im done Guess the wisdom that comes with age ( lol im 30 ), really do come in handy when it comes to get shit done Christmas is the day we celebrate the birthday of God's son, jesus. We do that by giving graciously to those who we may love, some of us do volunteer work to hand out food and gifts to those who are in desperate need of it, it's all about love, caring and sharing, it's my absolute favorite part of the year Christmas is the spirit of giving, without a thought of getting Wish you all a wonderful december Outfit Shirt @hm Leggings @nike Boots @aldo_shoes #xmas #jul #sharing #caring #together
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