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If you ever feel like stopping when a challenge comes your way. Remember that the larger the obstacle, the more glory you will get from overcoming it. Press forward and jump over each hurdle. You will overcome! I hope you have a great day. Train hard have fun! Apparel @aestheticrevolution 馃摲 @westonboucherphoto
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Work hard. Stay humble and surround yourself with a community that crushes it every damn day! Happy Monday everyone! I want you to know that if you are starting this journey today. If you have been struggling to get to the gym, or you aren鈥檛 as motivated as you once were. Take a deep break and let鈥檚 start right now. Today you can change it around. It starts with faith. Believing in yourself. Understanding that it will be difficult at first but if you focus and surround your mind with motivation, then it will get easier. Find a group of friends to talk your struggles with. Look online for fitness motivation. Read articles, listen to music. Do whatever you have to to remain inspired. For me it鈥檚 surrounding myself with others who want greatness. It challenges and hypes my mind to push itself to the next level. I encourage you this week to notice what motivates you. Who motivates you!? @han@hannaheden_fitness is one of them for me. She鈥檚 one of the realist and most driven friends I know. Thank you for the inspiration east coast sista! Gains! I hope you all have a great day and let鈥檚 train hard and stay driven! 馃挭 @hannaheden_fitness #gains
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Don鈥檛 let yourself be to comfortable. The moment you put your achievements in a comfort zone is the moment you stop growing. You let yourself think that you reached a certain potential but in any craft you can always learn more. When one goal is achieved then it鈥檚 time to learn a new one. This journey should never be over. It鈥檚 time to get up, to work tirelessly and never stop growing. Stay focused and let鈥檚 crush this week together. Have a great Sunday! Stay driven @performixdriven #performixdriven 馃摲 @functionallynakedphotography #hybridtraining #bjj #oss #juijitsu #rfbjj
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Let the music feed your workout today! I鈥檒l be posting my @performixdriven music playlist today on my ig story. What are your favorite songs right now to Workout to? Comment below and remember that staying driven is a mindset so crush it this weekend! Happy Friday 馃挭 #performixdriven
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Gains on Gains. @han@hannaheden_fitness Hannah texted me and said she鈥檚 in LA so i put my red hat on to blend in with her hair. 馃敟 Love that the fitness community has introduced me to so many genuine strong minded individuals. I鈥檓 always telling other woman to be strong to never be afraid to lift weights so if you鈥檙e looking for some amazing woman motivation and workouts, check out this lady beast. @hannaheden_fitness Videos to follow 馃挭馃槈 #sistafromanothamista #gainsoplenty
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Today鈥檚 workout! 1st movement 50 Russian Kettlebell swings (No break) 2nd KB flow 5 rounds of 10 reps with each movement 10 push-ups 10 KB back row 10 KB cleans 10 KB front squats 3rd KB flow 2 rounds 1 minute rest in between each round 20 bodyweight alternating lunges 20 KB straight leg deadlifts 20 shoulder taps (bodyweight) 20 KB shoulder or push press Finisher 50 American KB swings (no breaks) Note: you can use dumbbells for each exercise if you don鈥檛 have any kettlebells around. Take your time and execute each rep correctly. Have fun and sweat hard! @sweetsweat 馃摲 @functionallynakedphotography
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Work in silence let your success make the noise. Apparel @aestheticrevolution 馃摲 @westonboucherphoto
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Stay driven 馃挭 #performixdriven @performixdriven
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Your purpose is something that lights a fire in you. Give into it. Surrender and remember that the your purpose, goal, journey will not be easy but knowing that before hand and still walking step by step with that fire inside is what unlocks our strength and gives us motivation to motivate. Have a great Sunday. Tomorrow is a new week and a new day to start writing out your goals so they can be conquered. Stay driven. @performixdriven #performixdriven
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Tonight vibes. Writing this new song right now because this Christmas tree is giving me all the feelz. Have a blessed one. 馃馃幑 馃巹
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Staring at you has to be my favorite thing to do. xoxo creepy dad #confessionsofacreepydad #happyfriyay 馃摲 @steiner.creative
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Break out the norm and challenge yourself. @performixdriven WristWraps by @strengthwraps
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