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Life鈥檚 better upside down 馃檭馃挴 Have a solid Friday everyone! If you鈥檙e looking for a fast an fun workout check my ig story. 馃挭 Have a good training day! 馃摲 @functionallynakedphotography wrist wraps by @strengthwraps
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L O V E like no other. 馃枻馃懍 #beachvibin #songains
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Collect moments on things. Beach vibes with @sweetsweat 馃敟 Song: Jacob Banks -Chainsmokin
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Never underestimate your strength. Sometimes we are in positions of discomfort. We might be in situations where we feel in inadequate. This is where we need to embrace and press into the strength we built. Every morning you wake up and take on the day is a win. Every time we walk into our training feeling uncomfortable, does not mean you are lazy or not driven, it means you are human. The difference from you and the person who chooses to be inactive is the your mindset. And sometimes weakness will get the best of us. But never let it become more powerful than the strength you own. When you are feeling less than average, i encourage you to look back, if it鈥檚 photos, videos or just from memory, look deeply into the progress you created, even if it鈥檚 small or just starting out, remember progress is progress. Your mind is a powerful being. Take advantage of it and always remember that you are a force that can鈥檛 be messed with. #performixdriven @performixdriven
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Respect the training, honor the commitment, cherish the results. @asr@asrv Wearing @asrv TechnicalSportsWear 馃敟filmed by @trapgord
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If you don鈥檛 challenge yourself you won鈥檛 unlock your potential. @asrv Tomorrow is a new week! Time to write some new goals to conquer! Let鈥檚 get after it 馃挴
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Brotherhood. #bjj @rftbjj Saturday training with my jits brother @emerson.1812 Have a safe weekend. 馃挭
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Inhale confidence//Exhale self doubt. @sweetsweat Have a solid Friday! 馃挭
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Surround yourself with others that live to win, not live to whine. 馃挴 #tbt Workout with these Shreddy Kruegers @scott_mathison_ @rynosaurusflex team @performixdriven #performixdriven click link in bio to join the movement @strengthwraps
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It鈥檚 a good thing i brought my library card, because ima checkin you out 馃枻 Happy Valentine鈥檚 Day or whatever. #damost
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Be the light. Matthew 5:14 Life can throw curve balls at you but remember that you are loved. You are valuable and in his light you are found and never hidden. #JesusGains #TheRealGains #JGains Apparel by @asrv Shot by @westonboucherphoto
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Good mornin ! This week let鈥檚 push harder train wiser and remain strong minded. Click the link my bio is get the same supps i use daily. (MV10) discount. Stay driven 馃挴 @performixdriven #performixdriven
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