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I had been debating whether or not to post about this, mostly out of shame and fear of what other people would think. I scrolled through my feed. No one I knew or even followed was posting or talking about this. But.. this morning I overheard a guy saying to his friend, "So many girls are jumping on that 'me too' thing for attention." Let's just say I tapped him on the shoulder and without really thinking it through, I blurted out a very specific instance that I had only ever told a few people that are close to me. It was 8:30 in the morning, I hadn't had my coffee yet, and I'm not normally one to volunteer this deeply personal information, but he really struck a nerve. I HAD to let him know it was real, and that he was part of the problem. The guy was totally flustered and he apologized profusely without ever looking me in the eye. To anyone who has ever experienced rape, harassment, or sexual abuse of any kind: Don't ever let anyone tell you your thoughts, feelings, and experiences aren't valid. You are not alone and talking about it IS important. I love you, I respect you, I support you. Guys: The message here is that it happens more than you think, to people you wouldn't expect. This isn't about pity – it's about calling attention to something awful that's been normalized in our society for years. And just because you aren't physically assaulting someone doesn't mean that you aren't perpetuating the culture. Ever made a rape joke in public that you thought was "harmless"? Yeah, there's no such thing. And chances are you probably just triggered a memory for someone. Take responsibility. We deserve better. #metoo
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California mornings ✨ #UOonyou @urbanoutfitters 📷 by @jryanulsh
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Roaming the streets of #Italy in my favorite (wrinkly) shirt... 📷 by my dad, who asked, "what's the purpose of this?" 🙏🏼
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Venice gondola rides on #35mm 📷 #Italy #travel
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Dreamy seventies vibes for @urbanoutfitters #UOonyou 🌹🕊✨ photo by @jryanulsh
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New work for @urbanoutfitters — showing you 4 ways to style my favorite fall cords. Link in bio ➡️ shot by @jryanulsh #UOonyou
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#35mm film by @jryanulsh
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Today in #Bardolino 🇮🇹
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With so much hate and violence in our world, it's important now more than ever to surround ourselves with love. Let people know you need them. Hug them tighter. Say thank you. @super_chachski the happiness you bring to my life is beyond words and sometimes I can't even believe you are real. Just wanted to take a minute to let you (and everyone else) know just how special you are.🌟 xx, M
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Rainy mornings in 🇮🇹✨ @amusesociety #italy #travel #amusesociety
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Clear your mind 💭 #Italy #travel
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Salumeria Italiana 🇮🇹 #Italy #travel #sirmionedelgarda
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