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💈WANTED!💈 Men's World Herenkappers zoekt weer een nieuwe barbier! Ben jij (heren) kapper en wil je in één van de mooiste barbershops van het oosten werken? Reageer dan via ( Delen wordt gewaardeerd! )
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Haircut inspired by @braidbarbers 💈❤ Product : Shaper from @hairbond 👌
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You don't like your curls? 😱 Check this video! 😁 New at @mensworldherenkappers 👉 Keratine Straightening Treatment💈
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Close up 📸📸📸 1 - 6 Which one is your favorite? 👇
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1 person, 3 different Hairstyles! What's your favorite? 🤔 👉💥A, B OR C?!💥 Comment below👇 All styled with @hairbond 💈
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1 week ago @r.b@r.braid and I had a great weekend! On saturday @r.braid from @braidbarbers worked in our shop and did some mindblowing haircuts. On sunday morning we went to Rotterdamn to have a Sunday Chill Session with @the_bloody_butcher from @schorembarbier Besides he's a living legend and inspirator for so many barbers, he's also a humble and great person. Great to hear all the (crazy) stories behind their succes💈💪
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Texturized Pomp / Quiff 👊💈 Product : @hairbond
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New Haircut! 💈4 options...What's your favourite?! Please Comment below 👇 All styled with Shaper from @hairbond
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Too busy at the shop. Didn't had time to shoot some new haircuts... Old pic. Close up👀
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I guess someone was creative with photoshop😂 Saw this pic of Messi with the haircut from @mensworldherenkappers going viral on many accounts. What do you think? Should he do it? 😅
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Today I went with @jacq_s_ to @mok@mokumbarbers in Amsterdam. We had this really Inspiring and Motivation Look & Learn from @menspiresalon. What a great day! Awesome group of barbers. @joshlamonaca and @charliegray248 taking Barbering to the next Level💈✂💪 Thanks guys for sharing your vision! Thanks @mokumbarbers and crew for the hospitality and fun🙏🙌
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Posted all these haircuts before, but now in 1 collage😎 Which one you like best? 👇 All styled with @hairbond 💈💪
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