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Translating the sumptuous batik fabrics into authentic and contemporary pieces for those who appreciate the high values of workmanship and design. #IWANTIRTAPRIVATECOLLECTION X #MELAHYAR FOR #WRST . Photo by shadtoto prasetio, crowned by litany.
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A mystifying world, rescued from the mad reality. #METAPHOR #BACKSTAGE #MELAHYAR Photo by @reubentourino
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The private batik manages contemporary pieces based on the original royal patterns and more than 10,000 innovative batik designs inherited from the maestro. #IWANTIRTAPRIVATECOLLECTION X #MELAHYAR FOR #WRST Crowned by @litanyofficial
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It's an honor to be able to support a mission preserving one of the Indonesian legacy, introducing innovative designs to modern-minded batik admirers. #IWANTIRTAPRIVATECOLLECTION X #MELAHYAR FOR #WRST
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A timeless spirit with storied batik legacy and traditions, continuing the relevance for decades to come. #IWANTIRTAPRIVATECOLLECTION X #MELAHYAR FOR #WRST Crowned by @litanyofficial
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#FilmIndonesia is one way to we, Indonesian, realize to how rich, beautiful, and the unique nature and culture of our nation - with Festival Film Indonesia/FFI as its highest award night for the Indonesian film man, when new history inscribed in film world indonesia every year. Congratulation to @festfilmindonesia_2017 #PerfilmanIndonesia and all the nominations and winners ✨ 💚 . In frame: celebrities of the homeland looking extra for #FFI2017 Manado. Photo by @agrasuseno
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The planet is always half light and half dark, and so are we. #METAPHOR Photo by @fimeladotcom
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How we love the art of nature, mutated conservatory. #METAPHOR #SS18 Photos by @windysucipto
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Story of a girl, escaping reality #MELAHYAR Lensed by @reubentourino
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Mel Ahyar's rtw, HAPPA @happaofficial , TANGGAI Signature Collection, Resort 2018 #HAPPA #HAPPAOFFICIAL
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Tanggai #HAPPA @happaofficial Mel Ahyar's rtw. Video @irfanfaqih3
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Another story of our rtw line #HAPPA @happaofficial , a twist beneath Palembang's mix of culture, uniqueness and landscape, carrying the symbols of love and oppenness. Photo by @irfanfaqih3
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