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1 Minute Vlog # 2 : ‘3 Second Challenge feat. @kartikaaryan, @nushratbharucha, @mesunnysingh’ Who would like to play this challenge with me? 🙈 Extended version available on @filmygyan’s YouTube and Facebook.
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1 minute Vlog # 1 : ‘Tongue Twister feat. @kartikaaryan, @nushratbharucha, @mesunnysingh’. I’m starting my v-log journey on Instagram and extended versions can be seen on @filmygyan’s Facebook and YouTube. A lot more fun and exciting content I’ve planned, stay tuned :) The movie looks interesting and I’m looking forward to it. How about you? 😍
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It was so much fun to do Instagram Live with Red Shirt wala guy also known as @kartikaaryan 😛 Mazaa ayii veere? #Filmygyan #Fun #Instagram #Live #kartikaaryan
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Because she wanted to pose Titanic 💕 @anmol_rodriguez_official 😍 Stay tuned for some videos featuring her @filmygyan ❤️
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Aap Kya lekey aaye the, Kya lekey jayenge.. Fizu Bhai se mil liye abb samosa ke saath chatni bhi khayenge. 😛 I’m not as good as you’re in framing, but just want to tell you that you’re amazing bro @fizuliyat. Specially simplicity of your words are everything, they have emotions ❤️ Keep rocking. See you soon 💕 #MnG #Musically #Mumbai #BeFizul #FizuKiSeNa
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Celebrity girl badi mushkil se mili humey @anmol_rodriguez_official 😍 As I always say your smile is everything ❤️ #FanMoment #MnG #Musically #Mumbai
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Best human being @swaalina ❤️
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Happy 6Million Everyone 💕 We remain the most Followed Indian Brand on Instagram ❤️ Thank you each and everyone who stand by me ❤️ Some of you adherently support me in each and everything and some of you silently pray for me and my baby @filmygyan 💕 Each one of you deserves the credit ❤️ Keep it like.. Like, Comment, Follow and Repeat 💕 #6million #Filmygyan #MostFollowedIndianBrand #Instagram #Achievement
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And a man can hide all emotions with a smile and still make you feel nothing happened.
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Asli Pyaar.. Maa ❤️
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Checking in how many days we will make it 6Million+ @filmygyan ☺️ Any guess? 9,10,11,12, or 13? 🙈
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You're beautiful for your ability to make other people smile even if you're sad. :)
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