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Can i be an Unicorn?🦄 I think if you’re not hurting anyone, we can do whatever we want. I don’t want to just exist, i want to LIVE to the fullest. Remember, whatever people think just do what you think is right and makes you happy. 💜 #BrokenEnglish Photo by : @njomany
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Which lenses is your fave? 🤔🤔 use my code “matchamei” for 10% off at @tolytolly, @ttd_eye and @ttdeyeofficial #ttd_eye #contactlens #tolytolly #Thalia_Green #Clotho_Blue
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Did you watch Black Panther already? 😂 I love it so much! 💜💜 #WakandaForever
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Edisi males makeup 🙄
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Do you like being tied up?
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Hayo siapa yang bingung setiap hari mau pake baju apa? Ada game yang keren banget nih! Berkat game ini aku udah ngga pusing lagi mau pake baju apa, karena banyak banget baju yang stylish dan lucu-lucu di game ini yang bisa jadi inspirasi aku setiap hari! Yuk di download! Jangan lupa komen dibawah baju favorite kamu juga yah! 360mobi Keajaiban Nikki VNG ✨ Download: 🍭 iOS: 🍭 Android: ✨ Website: ✨ Facebook: ✨ Join us:
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Happy Chinese New Year! May good luck and good fortune always be with you! 🙏🏻
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Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 🍫 Maika and her awkward smile 😂 Photo by Johanesbp
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Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! We are Stile!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Recently started watching anime again while waiting for my photobooks to finish printing 😂 I’m in love with Mahoutsukai no Yome anime 😭❤️ Btw i called the printing company today and they said they finished half of my order! So I’m praying that they can finish it all tomorrow! ( i need to bring my suitcase to the printing company because it’s impossible for me to lift all the books by hand 😂 ) I can’t wait to sign and write all of the sweet messages for you guys! Please wait for me! 💜🙇🏻‍♀️
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Will have a photoshoot soon with this costume! 💜 Costume from @cosplaysky Use code: matchamei10 for discount! 😉
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Yay! Finally a photo of three of us! @punipun7 is so cute as Maika and @thames_malerose is so tall and cool as Sebastian! It’s my first time wearing A2 costume outside the photoshoot. I’m very insecure about wearing this costume, and i force myself to not eat as much as usual for this costume, and try to make my face as cool as possible, haha. What do you guys think? I hope i did well 😂
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