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Good morning! ☀️ Start your day with a smoothie ~ the secret ingredient is always love 💚📷 @viki_maldives #matchasmoothie
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Have a tropical Monday everyone! 🍌🌴🏄‍♂️ #matchabali
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On Sunday we brunch with our besties 🙃📷 @advinadvina @bodiroth #sundaybrunch
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Say hi to our new (paleo) Plant Protein Powerhouse Brekkie 🌿 Turmeric & miso scramble tofu, bbq tempeh, thyme-roasted mushrooms, sauté spinach, sliced avocado and crispy pumpkin & sweet potato hash-browns ✌️#paleovegan
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You can’t be sad when you’re holding a smoothie 😊 Our Matcha Mate smoothie is made with matcha, avocado, banana, coconut water, flax seeds and lots of love 💚📷 @viki_maldives #smoothielove
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Rainy season is here ☔️ Come try our soups for dinner! 🍲 Pictured here our Turmeric Pumpkin Lentil Soup to help boost your immune system and.. It’s delicious! 😋 #dinnerdate
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Island vibes 🌴📷 @sharpenedbamboo #matchacafe
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What is the difference between matcha powder and regular loose leaf green tea? 🍵 Matcha tea powder is a far superior grade of tea containing up to 15 times more nutrients than loose leaf green tea. 🌱 Because matcha powder represents the ground tea leaf in its entirety, you get the benefits of the whole tea leaf’s nutrients and vitamins. ✌️ In comparison, in regular brewed green tea leaves, its nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins C gets left behind in the tea leaf and are usually discarded. 💚 #matchatea
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It’s Monday! 🧘‍♂️ Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy 🍵📷 @sasha_navetnaya #matchalatte
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Sunday is for pancakes! 🥞 Try our new vegan fluffy pancakes with house-made vegan nutella 😋 #matchapancakes
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Saturday tropical love 🌴 Today take time to make your soul happy 💚📷 @renaanany #beachvibes
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Friday feast! 😋 Tag a friend you wish to enjoy this healthy goodness with 💚📷 @foodpornweb #brunchporn
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