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Cows are just like us, they love a good spa day! Cow brushes have many benefits including lowering stress levels and correcting barn traffic. #Farmfriday
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New year, new breakfast! Try this yogurt toast made from 100% grass-fed organic yogurt. #NewYear
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We need your help! In late December the USDA moved to scrap proposed regulations on animal welfare as it applies to organic livestock and poultry. Changing these regulations would allow large-scale organic farms to operate without much standard in terms of how animals live, how much space they get, and their access to the outdoors. Please tell the USDA that you SUPPORT the Organic Animal Welfare Rule and are against the move to scrap them. Let's keep the USDA organic label humane. SEE LINK IN BIO!!
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We can't tell the difference between these cuties, but try a glass of Maple Hill's 100% grass-fed organic milk and you'll taste the difference immediately!
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Our 100% grass-fed cows enjoy a meal of haylage together. In winter, they eat stored hay from the pasture while the ground is frozen. #FarmFriday
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Celebrate #NationalMilkDay with our 100% grass-fed organic milk- made the way nature intended. #TheBetterOrganic
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With great espresso comes great responsibility...choose your milk wisely! #Repost @jerwalters
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Caption this! Come up with a creative caption and tag a friend for a chance to win VIP coupons and Maple Hill swag for you and a friend. We will choose a random winner and announce in our story at 5pm EST!
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Celebrate National Whipped Cream Day with our delectable recipe using our 100% grass-fed organic greek yogurt.
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Get your kids waking up on the right side of the bed in 2018 with our 100% grass-fed organic milk. #NewYear
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It's been frigid temperatures the past week in upstate NY. Our cows are kept comfortable in our barns and heavily bedded to keep warm. They munch on hay that was harvested from our pastures in the spring and summer! #winterfeeding
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Maple Hill cows drinking from their water tub early in the morning at 9 degrees. Clearly time for a face wash! #brrr
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