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#behindthescenes of New @dolcegabbana #beauty campaign The new Emotioneyes Make Up Collection. Staring @sistinestallone and @sophiastallone with amazing local ladies. There were so many laughs and giggles. Fall in love with best Orechiette pasta ❤️ #DGEmotionEyes #DGBeauty @dgbeauty Photo by @morellibrothers #morellibrothers @lucamariamorelli @alessandromariamorelli Style by @azza_yousif #azzayousif Hair by @paolosoffiatti #paolosoffiatti Makeup by @makiryoke #makiryoke #sistinestallone #sophiastallone #blackeyeliner #catseyes #bts #dolcegabbana Big thanks to @laludina @franci_rox @mmiiggss 😘😘😘
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A day late happy #birthday to my Virgo friend @guineverevanseenus #guineverevanseenus ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ For @magazineantidote Shot by @miguelreveriego style by @yannweber hair by @thanos_samaras makeup by #makiryoke
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#fbf I just found this old photo of me and my boyfriend that time. #1994 in #tokyo at yoyogi park. My old friend reminded of that time the other day... ナツは今どうしてるんだろう? #younglove #memory there is so much story to this photo.
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#NeverForget #september11th 16年前のこの日私は一歳になる娘とリアムとSOHOにいて、朝早くからマンハッタンに来ていたため、ブルックリンの家に帰れず、そしてアップタウンにも行けない状況だった。3個目のビルが倒れた時、west broadway の道から、大きい煙の壁がcanal streetまで押し寄せて来るのをただショックでぼーっと立って見ていた記憶が鮮明に残ってる。るなのゴッドファーザーのだいちゃんをトライベッカから救出して、やっとの思いでwilliamsburg bridge を大勢の人達と一緒に歩いてマンハッタンを脱出した記憶。忘れられない。 #911 16 years ago, I was in soho with Luna and Liam. We were in Manhattan since early morning, so when attack happened we got stuck in soho and couldn't even go uptown or anywhere to escape. I remember when 3rd building came down, I was stood in shock and powerless looking at the huge smoke wall coming towards canal street from west broadway,, finally we rescued Daisuke, Luna's god father from his house in tribeca. And we walked cross the Williamsburg bridge with so many people walking cross to escape from Manhattan... I can Never Forget.
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New work. #summer #Repost @voguemagazine ・・・ Rejoice! We can all breathe easier with denim’s new looser silhouette. Just don’t call it the boyfriend jean. Tap the link in our bio to view the greatest anti-fit jeans for every body type. Featuring @andreeadiddy @palomija @missmiakang @sashakichigina Director @cassblackbird Fashion Editor @jordenbickham DP @tylerkohlhoff 1st AC @danielvignal Hair @ilkerakyl Makeup @makiryoke Production @prodn_artandcommerce Edited by @traderjojos, Additional Editing by @kevintadge Shot on @kodak
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Summer where r u going? "Summer Afternoon In Judgement Park" shot by @richardchai Usual crew @michaelmarlons @nicolaformichetti @pjmattan
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