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Another Miata representing from the other side of the states! @colinjackss Don't forget to enter our wheel raffle for your chance to win a set of wheels! (If you are not local, prize will vary.)
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The addition of Series 2 to go live later this year. Until then you can order through DM at $3. When live they will be $5. Message us!
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New slap designs for Series 2. Soon to go live on site. Check out what else we have to offer like our wheel raffle! Link in bio! Tag someone who would get these!
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You can't always color inside the lines. PC : @shootwithjt
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Don't forget about our wheel raffle! Winner will get a custom set of JNC wheels to match their specs! Runner ups will recieve smaller prices. The more entries, the more we'll give away for your car! (Wheels are local pick up only. We will not ship the rims.)
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When you meet your little sister again and remember you're 6 inches bigger. PC : @siik6
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Pretty in pink ๐Ÿ’– _______________ #nrg #getnrg #nrginnovations #luc#luckycats #luckycats #LCC #Bayarea #pink #pinkaesthetic #pinkcar
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Raffle Tickets for the wheel giveaway are $5 each. Buy more for a bonus! Comment below and tag two friends for a chance to be entered ay no cost! (Wheels are of choice. If you have questions of options, DM us.)
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She's beauty, she's grace, she'll beat you in a race ๐Ÿ”ฐ _____________ #nissan #300zx #fairladyz #drift #madpandaproject #carwash #luc#luckycatsclub #luckycats
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@lukezeduke sporting our decal from @stickerboost ! Don't forget that our wheel raffle ends December 3rd. But your tickets now for a chance to win a set of JNC rims of your choice and specs (options vary:
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