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"A self-described loudmouth who always stood up for underdogs, a fierce mentor and an epidemiologist whose opinions sometimes ran counter to conventional wisdom, Abby Lippman had what her younger brother called a "shell of crankiness that was almost impenetrable." "We argued all the time about most everything," said Marc Lippman, a breast-cancer specialist and professor at the University of Miami. Arguments with Dr. Lippman, a professor emeritus in the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health at McGill University, were de rigueur, for she revelled in standing up to power and was unafraid to express herself in plainspoken, pointed terms. She campaigned against what she called the "geneticization" of reproductive technologies, against hormone replacement therapy and for better, longer research before the approval of discoveries such as the vaccines against the human papillomavirus, an affliction that scientists have linked to cervical, anal, mouth and throat cancers. Indeed, in October, 2015, Dr. Lippman teamed up with Geneviève Rail, a kinesiologist and professor in the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University and Luisa Molino, a Concordia research associate, to write an op-ed against the vaccine in Le Devoir that called for authorities to stop administering it. Given that the vaccines are recommended by practically every major medical body in the developed world, including the World Health Organization and the Canadian Cancer Society, the article caused a furor. Then, there was Dr. Lippman's passion for causes such as the rights of Indigenous women, gender equality and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, which targets Israel for its treatment of Palestinians. Lucy Anacleto of Montreal's Centre for Gender Advocacy said issues such as missing women, misogyny and systemic racism were visceral and difficult to deal with but, somehow, her friend, who sat on the board, found a way through it..." #humanrights #awareness #maternalrights #womensrights #firstnations #Indigenous #mmiw #decolonize #protest #palestine #israel #socialjustice #hero #standup #canada150 #miami #hpv#hpvvaccine #hpv #vaccineinjury #gardasil
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"Contrary to popular belief, banana peels are not poisonous. They’re actually edible and packed with nutrients. Sounds odd right? Well, the fact is, banana peels are eaten in many parts of the world — though not common in the Western world. But in their raw state, banana peels are thick, fibrous and somewhat bitter. So, not something you necessarily want to chow down on. Instead, reap the benefits of banana peels by boiling organic peels for about ten minutes. Banana peels are a good source of magnesium and the tea is a great way to get magnesium into your diet. Magnesium also helps your muscles relax. So, drinking the tea about an hour before going to bed will help you get good night’s sleep. Banana skin tea can be helpful in overcoming symptoms of SAD thanks to high levels of tryptophan, according to Laura Flores, a San Diego-based nutritionist, for Live Science. The body converts tryptophan to serotonin, “the mood-elevating brain neurotransmitter,” says Flores. The tryptophan in bananas is also known for its sleep-inducing properties. 🍌 Add water to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cut both ends off the banana, but leave the skin on. Place it in the boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. Strain water into a mug, then add cinnamon and honey. Drink one hour prior to bed..." #banana #bananas #peel #tea#teatime #tea #sleepwell #magnesium #depression #depressed #relax #sleepy #medicinalplants #herbalist #nature #musa #naturespharmacy #motherearth #health #zerowaste #winter #sad #cinnamon #water #goodnight #organic #tropical
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"Every now and then, Ali McDonough wakes from a nightmare about her brother. There's the one where she relives the last moments of Andrew's life. He died in July 2007 in his hospital bed while Ali was holding him. Or the one where Andrew dies from cancer, but in a different way. Or the one where she has to tell Andrew his leukemia has come back, a moment that never actually happened. "I’m not over it and I never will be,” said Ali, now 27. "If we could have switched spots... I would have." She is one of the estimated 5 to 8 percent of people who will experience the death of their sibling as a child. Yet these children and their health often are overlooked: A 2010 study in the Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health found that only 48 percent of 109 major pediatric hospitals in the United States and Canada provide support for siblings. Clinical psychologists at A.I. Dupont/Nemours Hospital for Children are studying how siblings of children with cancer are affected during and after treatment, a subject that researchers say is rarely explored or talked about. Early research indicates that about 60 percent of these siblings can suffer from cancer-related post-traumatic stress symptoms, and for some, it can lead to long-term emotional and behavioral problems. In the Nemours study, researchers hope to determine factors that will better predict which siblings will struggle and which will be more resilient. A young child once told Alderfer that they "understood that a part of their parents' heart for them had to go to the child with cancer."..." #chi#childhoodcancereness #childhoodcancer #awareness #cancersucks #fuckcancer #humanrights #sisters #brothers #mentalhealth #siblings #gogoldforchildhoodcancer #morethan4 #doctors #nurse #childhoodleukemia #growingup #death #loss #parents
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"California water regulators told Nestlé that the company doesn’t appear to have valid water rights for much of the water it’s been piping out of the San Bernardino National Forest and selling as bottled water. Regulators at the State Water Resources Control Board notified Nestlé of their findings following a 20-month investigation, recommending the company limit its use of water from the namesake source of Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water unless it can show it has valid rights for all of the water it’s been taking. Victor Vasquez, a senior water resource control engineer in the board's water rights division, told the company in a letter Wednesday that its “current operations do not appear to be supported by rights to the diversion or use of water exceeding 26 acre-feet” per year, or about 8.5 million gallons. That would represent about a fourth of the water the company piped from sources in the national forest in 2016, and less than 15 percent of average amount of water that has been extracted yearly for decades. The company reported drawing about 32 million gallons of water — or about 100 acre-feet — from the national forest last year. Nestlé Waters North America has insisted it has valid rights to continue its bottled water operation in the national forest. The company collects water from the national forest north of San Bernardino using a system of 10 gravity-fed boreholes and two water tunnels drilled deep into the mountainside. The water flows downhill through a stainless steel pipeline to a roadside tank, where it is pumped into tanker trucks and hauled to a bottling plant about 30 miles away..." #awareness #water #sanbernardino #california #losangeles #nestle #drought #sandiego #sanjose #sanfrancisco #forest #forestfire #government #profit #humanrights #bottledwater #nature #environment #portland #seattle #michigan #toronto #ontario #britishcolumbia #vancity
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"David Sweet walks slowly down a snow-covered laneway cutting through the campus of what used to be St. Joseph’s Training School, a residential reform institution for boys deemed “delinquent” or “unmanageable” decades ago by the courts. It’s early January and Sweet, a federal Conservative Member of Parliament, is walking a reporter and photographer through the site of the former school, located in the small town of Alfred, Ont., about 70 kilometres east of Ottawa. It was here that Sweet says he spent three “painful” years between the ages of 13 and 15 in the early 1970s, after being sent to the school for running away from his home in Kingston and stealing a few cars. Sweet decided to tell his story after a Star investigation revealed last month that the government has secretly settled more than 200 lawsuits alleging historic sexual, physical and emotional abuse by teachers and staff at provincially run secular training schools. The investigation also revealed that two provincial officials sounded alarms in the 1970s about the abuse, but that the province appeared to have ignored those warnings. Those who would benefit most from a public inquiry are former abused students of as many as a dozen secular training schools, about which the provincial government has largely kept silent. People like Mary Ceretti, who was one of the first girls sent to Pine Ridge Training School in Bowmanville in the 1970s, and Sanford Cottrelle, who spent six years being shuffled through six training schools after being removed from his home on the Aamjiwnaang First Nation near Sarnia. The Ministry of the Attorney General says there are “more appropriate ways” than a public inquiry to support survivors. Lawyers who have represented training school abuse survivors believe there could be thousands of victims from the secular system alone..." #awareness #abuse #canada150 #government #corruption #catholic #christian #vancity #ontario #toronto #halifax #mississauga #sarnia #firstnations #humanrights #childabuse #fuckthegovernment #delinquent #badboy #winnipeg #edmonton #calgary #secret #school
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"Drug trial records kept secret by the Canadian government and a pharmaceutical company show a popular morning sickness medication is not effective, a new published report says. The findings about Diclectin, published Wednesday in the online journal PLOS ONE, are the culmination of aseven-year transparency battle by Toronto doctor Nav Persaud to see the evidence behind a go-to treatment for pregnant women across the country. As part of Persaud’s protracted fight to learn what he can about the popular pill, he has in recent years authored papers exposing flaws in the research purporting the drug’s effectiveness. The 2009 clinical trial that is the focus of Persaud’s new analysis was funded by the company that makes the drug. Health Canada only released the 2009 clinical trial records to Persaud and his co-authors to analyze after he signed a confidentiality agreement promising not to share the original trial data that underpinned his findings. “It’s disturbing that the company that sponsored the study has hidden the information. It’s also disturbing that the federal government that’s charged with protecting the health of Canadians has decided to hide this information,” Persaud said. Duchesnay did not answer questions about why it would not release the trial records. Diclectin is a combination of an antihistamine and vitamin B6. Research has shown one prescription is filled for every two live births in Canada..." (Continued in comments) #awareness #corruption #humanrights #bigpharma #pregnant #pregnancy #6weekspregnant #morningsickness #firsttrimester #fuckbigpharma #government #toronto #ontario #vancouver #edmonton #halifax #winnipeg #calgary #saskatoon #alberta #britishcolumbia #fuckthegovernment #canadian #canada #momtobe
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"New data shows nine of the top 10 donations to Vancouver's ruling municipal party were from the real estate industry, prompting some critics to raise conflict of interest concerns. Last year, Vision Vancouver collected $278,125 in donations with 65 per cent of the money or $180,000 coming from real estate companies like Onni, Westbank, and Rize. Dermod Travis, the executive director of non-partisan non-profit political watchdog Integrity B.C., pointed out developers rely on support from council to rezone contentious developments. "Here, what you see is a political party that has a majority on city council with a day-to-day rule in approving building permits, zoning issues, the whole gamut, taking five-figure cheques from the very people who are going to be knocking on their door the next day as part of their business operations." Vision's financial disclosure statement shows it spent $257,838.66 on last October's byelection. The party's candidate for council, Diego Cardona,finished in fifth place with 11 per cent of the vote. The party's main rival, the NPA, collected $53,700 in donations in 2017 and spent $78,965.23 on the byelection, placing Hector Bremner on council. New campaign financing rules that went into effect on Oct. 31 place a ban on corporate and union donations and limit individual donations to $1,200..." #vancity #vancouver #yvr #eastvan #kitsilano #granvilleisland #stanleypark #government #canada150 #britishcolumbia #realestate #profit #donor #poverty #corruption #toronto #ontario #bcpoli #vote #cityofvancouver #burnaby #delta
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"The researchers are all connected to Aarhus University, Denmark. They made the discovery within the context of a research project looking at antibacterial plants against diarrhoea in pig herds (MAFFRA). In a news release, the team concluded, saying: “These cocktails are […] highly interesting and promising for further tests with respect to their ability to suppress E. coli O149:F4 in vivo and potentially being used for preventing and/or treating post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets as an alternative to conventional antibiotics.” The ramsons (Allium ursinum) contain sulphur compounds. The berries, like redcurrants (Ribes rubrum) and lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) contain organic acids that display strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria like pathogenic strains of E. coli, known to induce post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets. According to the researchers, plants or components from plants like these have never before been considered as alternatives to conventional antibiotics. Some plant components are known to compromise palatability or nutritional value, especially if they need to be added in relatively high amounts. Hence there is always the need for a search for better cocktails. The scientists collected digesta from stomach and small intestine from slaughtered animals that had been fed a standard pig diet. They inoculated small plastic bags containing digesta samples (5g) with a pure culture of E. coliO149:F4 (107-108 bacteria cells per g digesta) and amended these with freeze-dried, grinded plant powder in concentrations of 0.5% to 5%..." #medicinalplants #pla#plantsheal #Indigenous #indigenousfood #firstnations #redcurrant #lingonberry #awareness #nature #motherearth #environment #thankyoucreator #giftfromgod #herbalist #bigpharma #pig #farming #farmer #vancity #toronto #newyork #denmark #science #plants
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"Brazil has flooded large swaths of the Amazon for hydro dams, despite opposition from Indigenous Peoples, environmentalists and others. The country gets 70 percent of its electricity from hydropower. Brazil's government had plans to expand development, opening half the Amazon basin to hydro. But a surprising announcement could halt that. In an interview with O Globo, Mines and Energy Executive Secretary Paulo Pedrosa said thegovernment is reconsidering hydro construction in the face of societal pressure, environmental damage and increasingly competitive renewable energyoptions. We can see parallels in Canada, where large hydro projects have been pushed through despite similar opposition and concerns. With an October election in Brazil, things could change, but we hope whatever government holds power will recognize there are better options than large-scale hydro. We also hope the BC government will reconsider its decision to proceed with Site C. Decomposing materials in reservoirs emit methane, a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 over the short term. A 2016 study confirmed findings ofstudies from Canada and elsewhere going back decades that methane emissions from hydro dams are far greater than previously estimated. Minimum emissions are similar to those from generating electricity using natural gas. And receding glaciers and changes in precipitation patterns from global warming put hydro dams at risk because of lower water levels. Large-scale hydro also causes enormous environmental and social damage, including farmland and habitat destruction, changes to waterways and water tables, and displacement of Indigenous Peoples. Where large areas of land are flooded, mercury in fish increases several-fold, making this traditional source of protein risky to eat..." #awareness #humanrights #nositec #Indigenous #firstnations #water #canada150 #britishcolumbia #vancity #vancouver #newfoundland #climatechange #wildlife #fish #indigenousfood #environment #brazil #toronto #ontario #land #decolonize #amazonas #culture #dam #government
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"Two Treaty 8 First Nations have launched legal action in an effort to stop construction of the Site C dam. The West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations filed two separate civil claims in B.C. Supreme Court Jan. 15, naming the province, BC Hydro, and Canada's attorney general as defendants in a case that will decide whether the controversial $10.7-billion project infringes their treaty rights. As part of the claims, West Moberly and Prophet River are seeking an injunction to halt work and further project approvals by both levels of government. Both First Nations claim Site C, the third dam being built on the Peace River in British Columbia, violates their constitutionally protected rights under Treaty 8. Site C, along with the cumulative impacts of the Bennett and Peace Canyon dams upstream, would continue to displace First Nations hunters, trappers, and fishers, and interfere with their way of life by destroying habitat home to plants and animals the two nations rely on for spiritual, medicinal, and food purposes, according to the claim. In a news release, the First Nations claim B.C. Hydro has refused their requests to suspend work or defer signing major contracts ahead of an injunction hearing expected in the spring. The First Nations say they hope to get previously undisclosed or redacted documents to get a better picture of the state of the project, which has ballooned in cost from $6.6 billion when it was revived in 2010. The dam's price tag jumped by $2.4 billion, from $8.3 billion to $10.7 billion, when Horgan made his announcement, they note..." #nositec #awareness #humanrights #firstnations #Indigenous #unitednations #britishcolumbia #vancity #vancouver #eastvan #kitsilano #canada150 #Canada #granvilleisland #decolonize #resistance150 #environment #toronto #ontario #edmonton #calgary
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"The high rate of caesarean sections in China over the last 20 years has imposed strong negative effects on women who want to have a second child after the nation relaxed the one-child policy. Complications due to caesarean section have resulted in many women becoming infertile or facing risky conditions when pregnant with a second child, doctors from Xinhua Hospital said. Pernicious placenta previa is one of the most serious complications of caesarean section, and doctors at the hospital dealt with the most cases in Shanghai last year. The incidence of the complication is only 1.7 in every 10,000 pregnancies among normal women, but it occurs in every 20 pregnancies among women older than 35 with a history of caesarean section. “We only received a total of 12 such cases from 2010 to 2015, while the figure rose to seven in 2016, when the government loosened the population policy,” said Dr Wang Lei from Xinhua Hospitals, who adds that incidence rose to 22 cases last year. To prevent complications, the hospital has set up a system to strictly follow each pregnant woman deemed to be under "risky conditions" and give early intervention to prevent fatal conditions, doctors said..." #awareness #csection #humanrights #maternalrights #placentaprevia #risk #china #shanghai #beijing #surgery #hospital #health #vancouver #toronto #brazil #stuttgart #pregnant #pregnancy #newyork #secondpregnancy #normalizebirth
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"Bicarbonate of soda helps women avoid Caesarean-sections, research reveals. When dissolved in water, the kitchen staple enables between 17 and 20 per cent of women having slow or difficult labours to give birth naturally, without harming their babies, a study found. Speaking on the BBC's Today show this morning, study author Professor Susan Wray from the University of Liverpool explained bicarb neutralises acids in the uterus, which increases women's likelihood of giving birth vaginally. The bicarbonate used is the standard type available in supermarkets. Around one-in-four births in the UK is carried out via c-section. Although usually safe, the procedure can cause blood clots, excessive bleeding and womb infections. The researchers, which included scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, analysed 200 women who had difficult or slow labours. Some of the women then drank water containing bicarbonate of soda. One hour later, they were given the hormone oxytocin, which is the standard-of-care during slow deliveries and causes the uterus to contract. Those not given bicarb were administered oxytocin immediately..." #csection #awareness #humanrights #pregnant #pregnancy #bakingsoda #hea#healthy #healthygut #health #uk #toronto #newyork #naturalbirth #normalizebirth #maternalrights #empoweredwomen #empoweredbirth #doula #doulalife #mid#midwifery #midwife
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