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can’t see the haters well. only with one eye which is less than two eyes statistically speaking fuk where has this caption gone #ValentinesDay
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hey im back wut year is it
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It’s 2018. Let’s grab life by the Pokéballs.
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Japan will never be the same 🇯🇵
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merry christmas mister
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Damn... grew up in Ohio hearing about the @MakeAWishAmerica Foundation, fast forward a few years & meeting me was the “Wish” of 8 amazing kids from across the globe 🌎 (Left to Right) Aidan, Nick, Sofia, Chloe, Chochboy, Salora, Derick, Callum and Elias - thanks for hanging & putting up with my loudness, y’all inspire me because NO MATTER what you’re going through, I couldn’t even tell, you all had smiles and were filled with laughter... the best way to live the one life we got. Much love. Hearts ♥️
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The road to the 🔝 continues... Currently filming my badass movie @TheThinning 2: New World Order 💪🏼 COMING 2018
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your favorite duo watch out Mr. Claus 🎅🏼
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🦃🦃 happy thanksgiving, I’m thankful I was born in the right place at the right time and raised by parents who knew how to instill values of hard work and pure mothaf**kin savagery, i vow to Dent The Universe and inspire others to do the same; the Maverick movement is real and spreading across the world, also thankful for everyone who dedicates time to watch your boy on social media, i’d have your babies 👍🏼 #TurkeyGang @MaverickByLoganPaul everything 20% off until Cyber Monday, link in bizzle
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CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY & SANTA’S NEW NAME IS @LOGANPAUL 🎅🏼 1.) @MaverickByLoganPaul 20% off SITEWIDE discount through Cyber Monday 2.) Just dropped our next-level♦️Red Collection♦️(joggers, hoodies, backpacks, shorts) 3.) Flying TWO of you out here to hang & ride in the freshly wrapped Red Challenger, SO go shop, join the movement and #BeAMaverick ♦️➡️ LINK IN BIO ⬅️♦️
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Yeah. The sequel. Shooting for my next movie: “@TheThinning - New World Order” starts TOMORROW! 😎 In an overpopulated world where human life is dictated by test scores, my character Blake Redding will once again get to shock the nation with his intense good looks & boyish charm 😈 #ACTING - Also I’m reading the script from the highest building in the world - Also notice @MaverickByLoganPaul pinky ring - Also new Rolex cuz Dubai 🥇🔥YAAA🎉🧠
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