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Sending so much love to all of the women in the world who have been made to feel like they are not enough. Please know that you are enough, you are more than enough. You are a unique and beautiful being with your own thoughts, ideals, opinions and talents - so do not for a single moment let anyone or anything make you think otherwise! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #sendinglove #love #youareenough #lornajane
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Tonight’s sunset from @watermarkwategos ... and what an incredible few days it has been ☀️🏄‍♀️🧘‍♀️xx Right now I’m just sitting and reflecting on how grateful I am for my life and how important it is to do what you love. Our time on this planet is way too short for compromise ... we should find time to do the things that set our hearts on fire and be with the people that love and inspire us - only then will we find our true place in the world L❤️ #dowhatyoulove #gratitude #love #lornajane
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Getting it done ... weekend workout L❤️ #noexcuses #everyday #activeliving #lornajane
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Make good decisions on a daily basis and you will create balance ... but more importantly a life that you love L❤️ #lovelife #loveyou #lornajane
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What a day for LOVE ... L❤️ #loveislove #marriageequality
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Love one another ... when you come from a place of love it changes everything L❤️ #love #postivechange #ljloveyou #lornajane
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The benefits of yoga are endless. This restorative pose (wide legged forward fold) helps with fatigue, headaches, anxiety and mild depression. It also helps to soothe the nervous system by elongating your spine and re-balancing the pressure around the spinal cord and your brain ... one of my all-time favorites L❤️ #lov#love yoga #love you #ljloveyou #lornajane
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Getting a little perspective ... a reminder to take care of your body because you love it and want to feel amazing not because you are unhappy with it and want to change how it looks ... L❤️ #lov#loveyouy #loveyou #lornajane
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When you do what you love you stop looking for days off and find yourself building a life for yourself that merges work and play more effortlessly. I call it work life harmony and it’s just about making good decisions everyday based on your priorities for that day and your life. My advice is to stop looking for days off and start building a life that you love L❤️ #nodaysoff #ljloveyou #lornajane
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Because we need more love in the world L❤️ #morelove #love #ljloveyou #lornajane
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Thought you might need a little reminder ...L❤️ #ljloveyou #activeliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve
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Throw back to 2013 when my dear friend @lisamessenger asked me to be on the cover of the very first issue of her BIG dream at the time but now the hugely popular @collectivehub magazine. And what an incredible journey it has been for Lisa and her unstoppable team. Congratulations on your 50th issue and for all that you have achieved. Thank you for including my story in this milestone issue and for your constant support of my journey, your friendship and for being a constant inspiration to entrepreneurs all over the world. Big Love L❤️❤️ #throwback #collectivehub #covergirl #lornajane
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