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tea never looked so hot
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i love fall because trees get naked. i love me some tree nudes
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smiling because my knees look like the boobs i don't have • and smiling because you're clicking the link in my bio...
1.4m 4k
look at my baby girl... still dreaming anyways. #DefendDACA
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the smile of a girl who took such a good dookie that she had to tell her mom she's a grandma now • click the link in my bio to check out my exclusive collection with @thegivingkeys! use code "LIZA"... it's key, lol.
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me and my only friends • thank you to @seytorresart for drawing us way more handsome than we are.
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oh hey revolution, me too
1.1m 4k
i know i have a boyfriend but i can't stop staring at my hot date to the VMA's tonight. thanks for looking so good next to me mommy. i'm jealous dad got dibs on you first. thanks to my @trl for letting me show her off! and thanks to @sergiohudson for making me look almost as good as my date.
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lowkey im cute. and LOWKEY... this was a fake laugh lol. but real happiness! and whats the KEY to happiness? baby, it’s the one around my neck… and i wanna give it to you! i am so proud to present my exclusive collection with the incredible, @thegivingkeys • and their product will make you just as happy as their mission. the price is high, oh honey i know, but the reward is even higher. why? because you’re not just “paying for it”… you’re “paying it forward”. every single product you purchase supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. just a simple, sweet key has unlocked and provided jobs, housing, benefits, education and more. because of YOU, so many have been able to create a future for themselves that is brighter and happier than their past! it truly is the key to happiness… from its creator, to its owner, and then, even forward. PAY IT FORWARD. but how!? these keys are printed with a reminder to LAUGH and to TRUST. you wear your key, embrace your word, become your goal, and then i encourage you to give it to someone who needs to unlock and unleash their own. baby its the GIVING key! its a beautiful key behind a beautiful message that would look beautiful on your beautiful neck, so check out my beautiful link in bio lol. so get your own, give your own! TRUST me, you’ll love helping others LAUGH, TRUST and love too. and look so cute while doing it, i mean LOOK AT THE LITTLE BOY IN THIS PICTURE. HE CUTE. lowkey though lol.
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hey, stop staring at my package, pervert
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this is the closest i've gotten to the shower all week
1.5m 7k
it would suck to get your period in here. | a little special something coming soon! no it's not a baby, that's a burrito i'm sucking in. TAKE THE PICTURE BECKY.
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