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America can’t even enjoy Valentine’s Day without a mass shooting. I’m so tired of this.
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I’m in support of this! Too many people abuse food stamps. This proposal is being called "America's Harvest Box” by the Department of Agriculture. Recipients will get fresh fruits/vegetables, meat/beans/fish, breads, cereals, milk, eggs, etc. and all of the food provided to these families would be grown and produced in the United States. Additionally, food stamp recipients will be getting their remaining balance onto their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards to use in grocery stores. I have no idea why people are outraged by this. Healthy foods delivered to your door that you didn’t have to pay for? And on top of that, you can still buy what you choose at the grocery store?!? I’d consider this a privilege. The majority of hardworking Americans who aren’t on food stamps don’t have the privilege of getting farm-fresh foods in most instances. People are complaining about this proposal calling it “mean” and saying that Trump doesn’t care about the poor. I don’t see how anyone can get that idea. These Blue Apron- like food boxes will have nutritious foods AND food stamp recipients will still have the privilege of going to the grocery store and filling up their carts with their remaining balance. It’s not like your average food stamp recipient buys the healthiest meal choices. If the Trump Administration goes through with this, we will save an estimated $215 billion dollars over the course of a few years. This is far better than our current food stamp program; while I do support this, in my opinion, I think it is far too much of a privilege for these recipients. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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Happy pre-Friday
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Joke’s on her! The producers of this movie are white.
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The Black congress members were wearing Kente cloths in protest of Trump calling Africa and third world nations a “shithole” hahahahaha. Wearing a cloth will not change the fact that those places are...... failing: sub par living conditions, lack of food, violence and disease everywhere, etc. If it bothers them so much, why don’t they go reside in Africa (or some 3rd world nation of their choosing) and try to improve living conditions in those places- since they clearly don’t like America. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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Y’all, wasn’t that great?!? Everything about Trump’s speech was awesome, he even tried his best to unify both parties on a lot of issues (despite the Democrats being stubborn and childish). His efforts worked in my opinion, even Bernie Sanders had to clap for a few things Trump had to say.☺️
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When you hate Trump for making the unemployment rate in your community the lowest in history 😔
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Why do the democrats look so pitiful and bitter??? 😂😂😂 It’s hilarious.
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I hate Paul Ryan but I love him at the same time
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Is anyone looking forward to watching the State of the Union Address? I am! Ps- I hope this happens. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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I saw this on Snapchat and thought it was a joke so I googled it. Sadly it’s real.... Another lovely article from Daily Mail. This is what they are pushing to young people today. Yesterday I saw a story claiming that religious people were mentally ill and today I see an article praising cuckolding, in addition to that a few weeks ago I saw an article that said something along the lines of “why cheating is good/tips on how to not get caught”. It’s so saddening that people today are encouraged to have no respect for themselves. Everyone is encouraged to have no self control, no morals, and to be nothing more than a slave to their sexuality. I feel sorry for children growing up in this. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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American schools❤️
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America is only 56% white. In less than 30 years, the non- Hispanic white population has declined by around 30%. How much more diversity do people want?!? It always confuses me when people say a place is diverse if and only if whites are a minority. In my city, for example, most of the public schools are majority black and Mexican/Hispanic, on average the schools are less than 5% white and have no Asians. They are praised for being diverse and inclusive. How on earth is that diverse? On the flip side, there is a high school a few streets down from me that’s around 87% white, 7% Asian (and so on)... they are constantly scrutinized for not being diverse enough and as of the fall 2017 semester, more predominantly black/hispanic areas are being bussed to this particular high school to “””balance””” it out. Really makes you think. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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“human women”
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Loool I’ll actually post a rant or something tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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Well, well, well.
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When liberalism gets you raped, nearly killed, and HIV positive. 😔 Edit/update: because I’ve been getting a few comments about it, yes this article is a few years old. The woman wanted to prove that Haiti was a pleasant place to stay, and that all negative stereotypes about Haiti were racially charged/from white people. She went to the country and was raped/harmed by the very people she was defending. It is not “fake news” and I am not making fun of someone being raped. I am merely pointing out the denial most of the left is in when it comes to 3rd world countries. __________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic @trumpisprez2018_
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Yes! To prove that I’m not a monkey I will run around like a wild animal to prove those darn racists wrong!
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No one should be upset about Trump’s comments LMAO. It’s the truth. Let’s be real here: no one would want to live in Haiti, any country in Africa, or any other 3rd world “nation”. On Twitter, I’ve been seeing pictures of the absolute best kept parts of 3rd world countries with the caption of “does this look like a shithole to you?!1!1!” and honestly that’s laughable. I remember 4 years ago my mom went to the most “prestigious” part of Nigeria and they still had to haul water in from outside and crap in holes, oh yeah, and they didn’t have electricity for a full two weeks.... for no reason at all. If you are outraged at Trump’s comments, ask yourself “would I like to live there?” chances are you wouldn’t. To all the immigrants from 3rd would countries offended by his comments, ask yourselves why you or your parents moved and if you want to go back home. The answer is more than likely going to be “No”. 😂😂😂 _____________ 🎇Partners: @momfortrump @c.apitalistic
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The people who scream “Trump has a mental disorder!!” are the same people who support whatever this thing is.
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Nothing like wearing a black skanky dress to raise awareness for the horrible “”sexism””/“”sexual harassment”” these Hollywood actresses have to endure, huh? Because wearing a color does so much, just forget about actually making an impact by donating to charity groups that help real rape victims, not just celebrity women that a man just so happen to make eye contact with. Then again, these days eye contact may be considered rape so perhaps what I just said was insensitive. So glad I’m not wasting my time watching this. Too bad I have to hear about it. Also, do people still seriously think that men and women are not equally paid?!? Do we not know about the Equal Pay Act that was put into place back in 1963 or are we gonna sit around with our little mental blinders on? ______ Partners: ➡️ @momfortrump ➡️ @c.apitalistic
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