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On the way to Lago di Sorapis you can observe what is so particular in the Italian Alps; There are greenish mediterrane hills everywhere and immediately spiky giants appear behind the hills in the craziest formations I can imagine. It’s always very surprising. I‘m excited to be back in the Dolomites... hopefully soon 🤞🏽
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Seeing this beautiful piece of history for the first time was quite a magical experience. Dumbledore even conjured some mood for us ✨
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Back at the game with another photo from the Faroe Islands. Thanks to @kuhrmarvin for helping me out with it. #VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways
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Stoked to be back on these islands pretty soon 🤞🏽#VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways
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The veins of Valais streaming through the woods 🌲
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Witnessing this amount of power made me scared and impressed at the same time 🇮🇸 | Stood dry w/ @rukkaschweiz
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„Southtyrol hasn‘t got the highest mountains, but the most beautiful“ - Reinhold Messner
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My kind of beach holiday 🏖🌋 #mystopover
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FØROYAR | a short movie about our recent trip to the Faroe Islands. (Tap to turn on sound) Thanks to: @julianstarck @kuhrmarvin @stefan.schwittek @kimonmaritz @philippmitt @_vertsch and @visitfaroeislands Aerial equipped by: @conrad_dietlikon #VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways
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Just let go - and fall like a little waterfall - Bob Ross 🎨
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Dramatic coastlines on the southermost island of the Faroes #VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways 🇫🇴
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Powdered peaks, fog and colored pines are for sure some the perfect ingredients for an exciting autumn memory 🇨🇭
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