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these two are a dream, naturally.
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i know twenty-eighteen just started, but i’m happy to announce i’m ready to take on twenty-nineteen weddings! • i won’t be shooting a high volume in weddings next year- largely due to the fact that i want to explore other avenues in photography & well- different avenues in general. but more to come on that. • anyways, a few couples have already locked in their date, so spread the wooord! i’m excited. like really, really excited. #eyeandhandproject
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not only is this my favorite place on earth, but it’s home. 🌱
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hit me with your best 1920’s old money vibe.
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zoom in & look at how they’re holding onto each other. that is love for ya 🌹
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a few photos that i take get printed & hung around the house- while most of them are just sheltered on my hard drive & never see the light of day. gunna make an effort to sprinkle in photos from trips on top of wedding photos from now on.
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nested under this little tipi with a little girl on the way. couldn’t be more excited for these two.
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started the year off in vietnam & capped it off in vegas. it’s been pretty a wild one 🐣
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snuck out while the rest of the wedding party stayed in the bars. we might have been the only ones who didn’t care to watch the huskers (lose) that day. at least dundee looks cool.
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merry christmas. let’s get blitzen. that kinda rhymes🎄
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umbrella in one hand & cecilia’s dress in the other. that’s a gentleman for you.
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it was a very, very cold afternoon. don’t let their warmth fool ya.
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