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just enough dark to see.
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good times with katie & brett in a store where i first purchased big furniture for my place. & she’s looking pretty darn happy for someone who just dropped her phone in the toilet 🍂
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all too stunning- i think we can agree on that.
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the coolest part about all of this is getting to experience other cultures & being welcomed into different traditions. it’s such a sight to see & more importantly serves as a small reminder to value the differences between us 🍂
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seriously, the perfect color palette to go along with that bit of charm 🍃
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airplanes in the night sky.
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it’s sweater weather- take full advantage of it.
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tried to get on their level, but this is the kind of excitement you can’t really match 🍂
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as contagious as their own laughter.
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a little tip-toe & a kiss on the cheek.
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it was just as cold as they were happy- & it was very, very cold.
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lying in her mother’s dress, tucked underneath his arms. these two are the real deal.
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