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One of the pluses of a mandatory evacuation and having to gradually work our way up California to escape the smoke-filled air with a newborn is that you learn about some cool new places along the way. #centrallygrown is a real gem. Last stop before Big Sur
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Power Snack: bone broth, avocado on sprouted sourdough, persimmon and figs
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Proud Big Sister Moment!!! @steviehowellstudio completely killed it speaking on a panel in front of hundreds on behalf of #toryburchfoundation and #bankofamerica at the #womenlead conference... clearly I’m a little giddy from my shout out...
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The worlds greatest home/garden/office supply catalog, brought to you by German company #manufactum: from meat slicers to brooms to staplers and axes - German utilitarian design at its finest ! And how geeky am I for being so excited for this catalog?
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My Chef Hero #DominiqueCrenn styled by me in my hometown for #Vogue *notice I did not say “female chef!”
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Surprise mission accomplished
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Weirdo big sisters? our little brother only turns 30 once !
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Oh hey, Javi! #narcoscrush #javifanclub
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Can’t not share my latest obsession and newest acquisition, @churchillceramics attains ceramic vase perfection yet again
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Thinking about this amazing couple and this shoot I worked on in 2013 with #normanjeanroy. Gabby Gifford’s bravery and Mark Kelly’s call to action yesterday to congress to stop the insanity. His agenda doesn’t even ask to outlaw guns and do away with the second amendment but just simply instill stricter gun laws in place. How could anyone argue with that? As I just did, I urge you to go on their website and make a pledge and a donation at to help them fight the all too powerful gun lobby.
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After 8 years of marriage not only did I remember our anniversary this year but I actually planned ahead and commissioned a personal plate from my friend and uber talented ceramics artist @rebekahmiles woohoo 🙌
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Thought I lost this girl in the heat wave last week, she got a little burned but showing signs of recovery!
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