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A photographic study of utopian communities throughout the World. Thank you to @doc@documentjournal for publishing a 20pg portfolio and supporting essay on the project. Writing by Professor Paola Spinozzi @documentjournal #findhorn #findhornfoundation
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St George’s Walk
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“Many people think that what we’re worried about is some kind of scenario where the robots are rebelling or they want to destroy us. The real problem will probably be some form of malicious indifference. They won’t care.” . . In conversation with Dr. Anders Sandberg, Professor at the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University, England @documentjournal
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“I know this makes us sound terribly gloomy, but the reason we’re thinking so much about the future is that, deep down, we’re amazing optimists.” . . Dr. Anders Sandberg. Professor of Future of Humanities Studies at Oxford university and his wicked eyebrows 〰〰 @documentjournal
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“So long as we don’t bring on our own demise, we have about 5 billion years until the sun burns out. That’s a lot of time to propel our current values into the future, to live, almost forever, through our legacy.” . . Debating the future of humanity and the affects of artificial intelligence with Dr. Anders Sandberg at Oxford University. 🤖 ☠️ 🌈 ☀️ @documentjournal
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T Magazine @tmagazine @jasonrider
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Congratulations on a beautiful show today. An image from Resort 2018, shot in Scotland @christopherkane @kanechristopher82 @tammyckane @davidbaileyross @ochayekinoo #christopherkane
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