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Laura Kasperzak Wife, Mother, E-RYT200 Contact: Next Workshop: Arlington, VA 6/10-6/11 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 Sending out a ton of love and admiration to the warriors who have served and are serving this beautiful country. ❤️ . Pic inspired by @epicacro and @robinmartinyoga
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@hungoveryoga I just made myself lol
Don't ever hold your love back. Share it with as many people, as many times a day as you can. There can never be too much love in this world. There can never be too many smiles. There can never be too much joy. ❤️ . @minilaurasykora and my mini-man share all of their love with me everyday. They never hold back. Makes me wonder why anyone ever stops doing this as they get older. Set the example. Continue to be the good in this world.
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Those leggings are life!
@tasiablake @mamasage08
Mama bird and her baby bird. ❤️ . It's amazing what @minilaurasykora has learned over the past year!
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Looks like @kourtneykardash and Penelope
Good job
First koala bear straddle press! So close to transitioning it down to EPK2. Go check out my epic blooper on @minilaurasykora's page. 2 words... Face Plant! ❤️ . Hopefully this is obvious, but do not try this at home with your mini unless you are super... And I mean... SUPER solid in a PRESS handstand. Kicking up is not an option. You don't want them to get hurt or yourself! Mini and I have been practicing this for the past few weeks with pillows. She knows to hold on and stay still. She is an amazing little yogini... Can't wait to see what the future holds! 🙏🏼
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So inspired!!!!!! @laurasykora
Siiiiiii a mí también @naty1607
2 WEEKS UNTIL I AM IN ARLINGTON, VA!!! 👍🏼 Workshops at @mindyourbodyoasis on June 10-11🔹Click on the link above to register. 🔹 . Inversion Party! Friday, June 10 from 7-9pm: Workshop built to get you upside down in Headstand, Forearmstand and of course, Handstand! All levels welcome! . Balance & Flow. Saturday, June 11 from 11am-1pm: Workshop geared toward transitions. Poses will be broken down individually. With the use of props and partners, we'll then flow them together. All levels welcome. . High Energy Fusion Yoga Flow Class with @victoria.arvizu and @laurasykora. Saturday, June 11 from 2pm-3:30pm: Fun flow class to get you moving and sweating! All levels welcome. . Single workshop $50 🔹 Both Workshops $90 🔹 Flow Class $25 🔹
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So lovely
Throwback to Cali and hollowbacking with the amazing @theacrobear. ❤️ . 📸 by @actionhiro. Miss you!
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Either that guy is really huge, or you are really tiny 😝
Omg, he makes you look tiny!!!
I spy with my little eye something a bit different... Do you see it? 😜 (The corner of the table doesn't count! LOL)
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The eyes, and the leg
And the bra strap
WHOOHOOO! First time EVER pressing up from One-Legged Crow to Handstand! It was only a short month ago that I posted a video of this but using a strap. I firmly believe it happened today because I BELIEVED I could do it. I know that sounds corny but my first 2 attempts were failures. I said to myself... WTF Laura! You know you're strong enough... Just push the f*@& up! Stop over thinking shit. 👍🏼 It worked! Had to leave the sound in for the full, glorious effect! Happy Humpday!!!
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Nice indeed
Today's rainy day flow... ☔️ . Outfit: @twofitmoms for @Gaiam
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You're amazing!
Happy Monday! This morning's practice was all about reclaiming something I had lost... Tittibhasana to Handstand. This is not something that I practice regularly and it shows. During one of my recent challenges, I wanted to throw this transition in and couldn't get any sort of lift off. It was during that time where I really wasn't putting in the practice I could and should have been doing. Just goes to show you how important practice is to growth and stability. (And that really is true in all the limbs of yoga!) This past month or so has been about refocus and rejuvenating my practice. Today I got lift off! 🚀
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You got this @abbeytaffy
It's so nice to hear you are human like the rest of us. 😉 gorgeous!! 🚀🚀
My RBF game is strong in this one. 😂 Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! 🎂
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@kvane92 cuando te dice que te lleva a Medellín
Jaja piernas abiertas? @erika_velandia
Successfully completed 39 trips around the sun! Birthdays should be honored with revels! 😜 #StillADork #WillThorBeThere
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@luanesimao @nicollegomes @yasmin_gomes olha que foda
Awesome!!! 😃
If you don't like who I am or what I'm doing with my life, that's alright. I am not living for you. I am living for myself. 👊🏼 . One more day until I've successfully completed 39 years around the sun! #LastDayIm38 😱 . Outfit by @Gaiam.
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ja ich wollte jetzt nicht so angeben 😂😂🆘 @lea_baltzer
@madisonschroeder_ there's a surprise under the table
|| Formation || . This may be my FAVORITE tribe video ever!!! Big shout out to my girls @gabriella.dondero @victoria.arvizu @tbivz @yogadiva45 @daynayoga 💗
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North Jersey Muay Thai
Más finooo jeje @ahimsavzla
I'm a FEMALE. . Fe = Iron . Male = Man . Therefore I am Iron Man! 🖐🏼💥 . #TeamIronMan always! Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist
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@alekscruzz take a video and then screengrab the video
Easy pose: just stick your head to the bottom of the Earth, and hang.
Where in the world are you? 🌎 Always so much fun to read where people are looking at this post! I am in Northern New Jersey, it's almost midnight and I can't sleep! 🙃 Your turn!
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Brooklyn, N.Y....♡
Seattle, WA💙
Hmmm... What should we try to do tonight? #SquadGoals with @rich.g.c @gniehceinalem @nadsbads_ @daynayoga @mercedesrolon_yoga @yoga_yellie @gabriella.dondero . $5 YOGA classes all week, every week! Join our tribe tonight at the Co-op for my FIRE class from 7-8:30pm. No pre-registration required... Just show up and be prepared to work! . North Jersey Muay Thai: 95B Dell Glen Ave, Lodi NJ
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North Jersey Muay Thai
@laurasykora Great video! We would love to feature you on the official People Are Awesome channel! Please email me at so that I can tell you more! Thanks
Such an amazing ❤️❤️
Good night my friends. ❤️ Stay playful, stay bold, stay YOU!
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@rachelle572 sheet man mira los zapatos esta maje ya muere
I cannot imagine doing bridge in high heels. I mean I cannot imagine anything in them. Never wear them so my respect!
My mantra for this week... I am not getting old. I am just getting wiser, stronger and way hotter with each passing day! . #BirthdayWeekMantra
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Ok I haven't checked out your page in a while and hot damn mama you are looking good!!! Xoxox
@leeannsmeed word!
I accidentally nicknamed this pose the Komodo Dragon in a class... It stuck with our tribe here in Jersey. 🐉 . Super long day of teaching and fun! Hope everyone had an amazing day!
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Jersey!! I'm totally missing out @run_liv_run I'm moving back to NY Lol