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Laura Wife, Mother, RYT200, Co-founder @TwoFitMoms, @ACROVINYASA teacher Next workshops: Wilbraham, MA Oct 23-24 Contact:
Just another fun shot from Comic Con by the fabulous @dtufino_photo. ❤️ #GogoYubari
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Comic Con New York - Javitz Center
Bahhle...chra k na..hatta bhtar @defatemeh
Just hanging out in my new favorite hammock... @acroeddie! 😜 Inspired by my favorite crazy duo @moderntarzan & @eveinmotion
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Wood-Ridge, New Jersey
@jasonmulvaney we should try this
How our mini acro yogis eat apples! 🍎🍏 So much fun picking apples today with @acroeddie and our minis...
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Pennings Orchard
@jeanetteokiee yes love. With swimming , Bikes and a dog and sushi..
@ramaester ela é demais. As primeiras fotos com criança que eu vi foi dela. linda inspiração. Obrigada pela lembrança 😙😙
Our ode to Kill Bill! Gogo Yubari & Crazy 88 vs. Beatrix Kiddo... What an AMAZING FN day at Comic Con NYC! Always remain a geek at heart and find friends that will share it with you! ❤️ Partners in crime... @cluu78 and @yoga_yellie 📷 Photo by @dtufino_photo
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Javits Center
That's awesome!!!
Thursday Throwback to meeting up with @beachyogagirl for the first time back in April 2014. It was so windy that day on Cocoa Beach! Funny how time flies and so much happens between one point in time to another. It was great catching up with you again today and looking forward to seeing you in NYC next month! ❤️
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How yogis read the new illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Cannot wait to share with my minis when they get home from school. This book has over 100 full color illustrations and is now available in stores. 📙 #HarryPotterIllustrated #sponsored
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Fall is definitely in the air! It's time to pull out my favorite beanies and bust out some poses! 🍂 This one is handmade by the beautiful @nessavendetta. Slightly addicted to her stuff... May or may not have bought 3 beanies, a scarf and mittens from her. Let the cold weather come!
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Boom! 💥📷💪🏼👏🏼👍🏼
Wow... Just realized I haven't posted a video in a month! Back to my mat today after taking an entire week off with a sinus infection. Gotta say... Felt damn good! Lots and lots and LOTS of hips today. Decided to record a little tripod headstand to grasshopper... First time I saw this was from the lovely @kathrynbudig. Finally got around to doing it! ❤️ Now it's your turn to try this little doozy of a transition!
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@zozo404 ياليت هذي متعلقه بالهوا ماتطلع صوت 😂
I wanna grow up to be @laurasykora #KindredSpiritInMusic @moorea11
Sometimes the only person you need to rely on to boost you up is YOURSELF! Stop relying on others to chase your dreams, boost your confidence or make your life better. Everything you need is right within YOU... You just have to open your eyes, dig a little deeper and work a little harder. Chase your dreams... Catch them... Tackle them to the ground... Make them your reality... This starts NOW!!👊🏼 Good night IG world! 👉🏼 Tag anyone you know that needs to hear this! 👈🏼
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@ninafruhmann wir
Massachusetts! I will be there in less than 3 weeks on October 23-24 teaching at the beautiful @breatheyogapilates studio! This is probably your only chance to catch me in the New England area this year. Both classes are beginner friendly... All that's needed is a big smile and sense of adventure!👍🏼 🔹Friday, Oct. 23: Inversion Party! 🔹Saturday, Oct. 24: A Journey into the World of Transitions 👉🏼👉🏼 Find out more info on or call 413-362-4410 to register!👈🏼👈🏼
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When you waiting for bae to put it in😊 @queen_machelle
@nykitrevesse @formadobandaid
Let's go GIANTS!!! 🏈
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@laurasykora #GoBigBlue!
Oh this is so disappointing.
Dreaming of sun, sand and bikini days. ☀️ This past week has definitely been a challenge for me... I've been in hibernation with a sinus infection and practically no voice. Almost back to normal... Now I just need the sun to make an appearance in Jersey!
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Friday Flashback to Comic Con last year! I'll be there again this year... Anyone else going? Are you dressing up?
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@jwcosplay 👌🏼
@mustardseed182 I think you should do Chun Lee as one of your next cosplays!
#NailedIt 😂 Thanks for the laugh @edmundofl!!!
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What's on the menu for class tonight? Hips and Hammies! This is definitely one of my favorite toestand variations. Inspired by @cuchira. 💜 If you're in Northern NJ, join me at @njmuaythai from 7-8:30pm for class... Only $5. See you later!
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@kimmermorgan @kelliebomyoga awesome! I'll try to make it 😊
Goodnight IG world. 😘 Pic inspired by @gabriella.dondero and taken by @rossoscarknight in Atlanta.
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You sleep like that ?
Where in the world is LauraSykora? Quick look at my schedule for the next couple of months! Go to for details and to register! 💗 🔹 Wilbraham, MA: Oct 23-24 🔹 Milwaukee, WI: Nov 13-14 🔹 ACROVINYASA Fall Series in NJ: Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22 and Dec 6 🔹 Save the date... Toronto, ON: Dec 4-5 🔹 Maui, HI: Bliss Retreat with @supbliss and @acroeddie Jan 13-16
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@blondeyogini super close to Toronto! Thanks for thinking of me this is awesome
You will be in Milwaukee-Wi in November @laurasykora ? I need to go see you haha! You're amazing!
NO... A simple two letter word that I have an extremely hard time saying. I do not like to let people down or disappoint others... but I've come to realize that I would rather say NO than say YES and be miserable. It's not selfish to put my priorities and feelings first... nor is it unkind to say NO because I simply don't want to do it. I would rather do things where my heart is fully there and present. Anyone else find themselves always saying YES then regretting it? 📷 by @rossoscarknight in Atlanta
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You know it!! So hard to say NO sometimes... But it's better to say NO and be authentic than say YES and be halfhearted (or regretful!)
@inner.radiance yoga & knowledge 😃
How @gabriella.dondero and I read together... 📚 Photo by the amazing @rossoscarknight
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@katielane20 😊
This is pretty adorable
To say these two fabulous and beautiful yogis totally transformed my yoga practice would be a complete understatement. This was a total fan girl moment for me... Hollowbacking with the two that started my own hollowback practice! Oh and rubbing boobies with Briohny was just icing on the cake! 😂 Love you @bryceyoga!! Can't wait for our next play date!
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@laurasykora almost rubbing his ass too, double rubbing would have been funny to see 😂
Love this!