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Lancôme ambassadress Julia Roberts flashes her signature irresistible smile on the cover of France’s @MadameFigarofr and reveals how she beautifully balances her long Hollywood career with her family life. #Lancome #JuliaRoberts
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What if one smile could brighten the world? What if one kind word could change a life? What if one fragrance could make life more beautiful? La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum, the feminine, joyful fragrance making life more beautiful one spray at a time. What small gesture will you make to change the world today? #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #Perfume
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“When I’m on set, I give all I can. As soon as the camera stops filming, I return to my normal life. And that’s just fine.” -Penelope Cruz in @ElleFr #Lancome #PenelopeCruz
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A beautiful balancing act. Lancôme ambassadress Penelope Cruz talks about making time for her career, her family and l’amour in French ELLE magazine! @ElleFr #Lancome #PenelopeCruz
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Her parents gave her the gift of #Tresor when she was 16 years old, and she was hooked ever since. From admiring Isabella Rossellini to becoming a Lancôme Ambassadress herself, Penelope Cruz talks about turning the impossible into reality in @ElleFr #Lancome #PenelopeCruz
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What keeps Lancôme ambassadress and @GraziaUK cover model @LilyJcollins looking luminous ? Her beauty must-haves : #Miracle eau de parfum – “Floral but feisty!”, #LAbsoluRouge – I’m a put on and go trype of girl!” and #EnergieDeVie overnight recovery sleeping mask – “I use this in my nightly routine. My skin feels so fresh the next day.” #Lancome #Ambassadress #LilyCollins
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She’s not afraid of being herself. Girl-next-door turned Hollywood star and Lancôme ambassadress @Lilyjcollins graced the cover of @GraziaUK to talk about her daring acting roles, using her power to create a positive community and embracing her imperfections. #Lancome #Ambassadress #LilyCollins
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Quirky has never been so cool. Radiant Lancôme ambassadress @lilyjcollins lit up the cover of @GraziaUK to reveal what makes her glow inside and out. #Lancome #Ambassadress #LilyCollins
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Create your own unique glow! Match your makeup to your mood with our new custom glow drops added to your #TeintIdoleUltra foundation #Lancome #StandProud #New
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One, two, three, get your glow on! Highlight and get an all-over glow with our new Custom glow drops #Lancome #TeintIdoleUltra #StandProud #New
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What mood are you in today? Feeling sunny? Feeling bold? Express yourself with our new custom glow drops to customize your #Tei#TeintIdoleUltra foundation #Lancome #TeintIdoleUltra #StandProud #New
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Be glowy, or matte! The power of makeup is in your hands. What will you do with it? #Lancome #TeintIdoleUltraWear #StandProud #New
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