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That’s a wrap 🎬✌🏼Back on set with the @clinique team today ⚡️✨💥 #CliniqueFit
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Hoodie season... always ❤️ 1/1 by me. @nikebasketball #swoosh
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I hope this year is a year of growth for you. I hope you stretch yourself both physically and mentally. I hope you learn to breathe into discomfort rather than run from it. I hope you acknowledge your greatness rather than voicing your “weakness”. I hope you know there is only ONE of you, you are special. I hope you know the value of working for something. I hope you know the opportunity in every day. I hope you know and celebrate the win in not quitting. I hope you know the time is NOW 🙏🏼⚡️ @nikenyc #justdontquit #metcon #nikenyc #LETSGO
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Excuse me while I Pyro 🔥💥⚡️#PYROGIRLS #NYC #frostbitefresh
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN 👑✨ @sammyjoalonso This living angel is beyond description. Thank you for being an ultralight beam in our lives, for teaching us that love conquers all and to see the beauty in each and every day. You truly make the world a better place 🙏🏼❤️ Couldn’t imagine a day without you and beyond grateful to do this sister wife life together. Here’s to many more memories, magic and mixtapes! In honour of Sam’s birthday - please grace her with 34 hotsauce burpees or by giving to a homie in need - whether that be blankets, food or a smile! 💛 #SammyJoGlow #Goddess
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K Diddy in the Canyon 👐🏼🏜 #2018 #moremixtapes
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In 2018 I challenge you to pioneer your greatest and strongest relationship with training yet. If we can learn discipline in our commitment to healthy habits, we carry this behavior into all other areas of our life. It’s time to tear it up 💃🏻🔥💥 See more via link in bio @nikenyc @niketraining #metcon #niketraining #justdontquit
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Clean up on aisle 5 🚧⚠️ That’s a wrap Vegas. Shoutout to the LV fam for a holiday filled with heart ❣️NYC 🔜 #2018 #letsgo #PIONEER
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Open road to opportunity 👍🏼✨⚡️ Let’s go 2018! 💥💥💥
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We only makin’ the highlights 💛💕🍭 #Vegas
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In the mirror there’s a hero, One, zero, zero, zero! 🔥 Finishing the year strong because waiting for tomorrow never turns into today 🙏🏼 Hot sauce tornado for you 🌪⚡️✨ #PYROGIRLS
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